Welcome to the inauguration event for Centre for Organizational Time 
Drawing on insights from various scholars at CBS and elsewhere, the Centre aims to be a hub for thinking about organizations and time. The main focus of the centre will be on how organizational actors enact their near and distant pasts and futures and how that enactment shapes processes, practices and policies in, between and around organizations.
We believe that by developing more dynamic and expansive models of time we can also be in a better position to understand how organizations can take an active and responsible part in shaping and sustaining the economic and institutional fabric of society.
For this inauguration event, we have invited scholars across CBS to share their ideas about time and discuss how those ideas might be reconceived or extended. We hope this will open up new opportunities for re-imagining, debating, and academically exploring matters of time.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Tor Hernes (IOA), Christina Lubinski (MPP), Majken Schultz (IOA) and Silviya Svejenova (IOA).
Date and time: 22.1.18, at 15-17 
Venue: Råvarebygningen, PHRS20
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15.00 Welcome by Tor Hernes, Director of COT, Dep. of Organization
15.10 Opening remarks Søren Hvidkjær, CBS Dean Research
15.15 IOA and time Signe Vikkelsø, Head of Dep. Of Organization
15.20 Panel presentations
Jan Damsgaard, Dep. of Digitalization
Mitchell Dean, Dep. of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Brooke Harrington, Dep. of Business and Politics
Lasse Heje Pedersen, Dep. of Finance
Christina Lubinski, Dep. of Management, Politics and Philosophy 
Michael Mol, Dep. of Strategic Management and Globalization)
Thomas Plenborg, Dep. of Accounting and Auditing) 
Andreas Rasche, Dep. of Management, Society and Communication
16.00 Discussion Majken Schultz (moderator), Dep. of Organization
16.30’ish Closing remarks Silviya Svejenova, Dep. of Organization
Until 18.00: Mingling time and drinks
Other activities at COT:
  • Reading Group on Organization and Time (for affiliated members), held on 7.9, 10.10, 8.11, 6.12, all days at 13-14.30, and in room 4.49
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