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About time webinar with Nicolas Bencherki
@bout Time Seminar with Ann Langley
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@bout Time Seminar with Daniel Nyberg
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Previous @bout Time Webinar - Jonatan Pinkse 3/11/20

On November 3rd, COT hosted a webinar with Professor Jonatan Pinkse from the University of Manchester.
The webinar was very successful with more than 30 attendants who contributed to an interesting discussion after Jonatan Pinkse's thought-provoking talk. 

Title: Folding into temporary dyadic tensions: How organizational actors make sense of multiple interrelated tensions.

Abstract: Due to competing demands of multiple stakeholders, organizational actors oftentimes face complex sets of interrelated organizational tensions. It is unclear, however, how actors deal with this inherent complexity of organizational tensions. Based on a narrative sensemaking lens, we address this question by conducting an abductive case study of social entrepreneurs and their accounts for social impact. We find that social entrepreneurs narratively make sense of the complexity of multiple interrelated tensions through a mechanism of folding. Through this discursive mechanism, actors construct temporary dyadic tensions from complex sets of interrelated tensions among multiple actors by temporarily aligning different actors and their interests with either pole of a binary tension. We identify the underlying narrative practices of folding: entangling, embodying, and positioning. As our main contribution, we develop a model that explains the discursive, interest-based mechanism actors use to narratively make sense of the complexity of interrelated tensions by temporarily forming distinct dyadic tensions.




@bout Time Seminar Series

The Centre of Organizational Time regularly hosts seminars with renowned international scholars who give talks on different topics of time. Ann Langley, Hari Tsoukas and Daniel Nyberg are examples of three scholars among nine who have so far contributed to the seminar series.

Due to the CO-VID 19, all booked events at CBS until June 30 will be cancelled, but the Centre is working on converting upcoming @bout time seminars into online seminars.

If you wish to stay updated about upcoming @bout time seminars, send an email to sls.ioa@cbs.dk to sign up for the time researches e-mailing list.  


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