Changing in Time





  • Professor Majken Schultz
  • Professor Tor Hernes

Funded by

  • The Tuborg Foundation

Project period

  • 2015-2019

Project focus

This project focuses on how organizations enact their temporalities in different situations. It involves studies of global food organizations, Carlsberg and Arla and how they engage in constructing their temporal trajectories, rooted in the past while oriented towards the anticipated future and how this work has changed over time. The research has led to several strands of conceptual developments. One which studies how temporal structures influence the interplay between strategy and identity across time. This work has recently been published in Strategic Organization. Another strand focuses on the material dimensions of temporality of food organizations based on in-depth studies of several innovations in the two case organizations. Last, but not least the extensive empirical studies of Carlsberg and Arla are serving to inspire the broader theoretical development of a situated view on temporality in organizations.

Continuation of another project

The project is a continuation of a project that focused on the study of the identity transformation of Carlsberg Group 2009-2014, conducted by professor Majken Schultz and professor Emerita Mary Jo Hatch. One of the publications from this project addresses how organizational actors make use of the same historical artifact on different events, when creating a new future.  (Administrative Science Quarterly, 2017), while another publication shows how organizational identity and culture interrelates across time in the context of management change (Academy of Management Discoveries, 2015). That project was also funded by Tuborg Foundation.

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