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@bout Time Seminar with Liisa Välikangas
Seminar on 'Impact of business school research'
Cross-Roads at IOA: Presentation of two new research projects
@bout Time Webinar with Abbie Shipp
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@bout Time Seminar with Ann Langley
@bout Time Seminar with Hari Tsoukas
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A Conversation with David Boje
@bout Time Seminar with Daniel Nyberg
@bout Time Seminar with David Obstfeld
@bout Time Seminar with Stéphanie Dameron
@bout Time Seminar with Blagoy Blagoev
@bout Time Seminar with Philippe Lorino

Previous events


@bout Time Seminar with Elena Giovannoni

@bout time seminar with Elena Giovannoni

19. May, 2022

In her seminar "Travelling to Mars and beyond: time, (in)calculability and performance measurements" Prof. Elena Giovannoni (Royal Holloway University of London) presented her research with F. Granà and C. Busco on the European Space Agency. The theoretical lens applied to the research is based on Temporal Traslation by COT Members Tor Hernes & Majken Schultz (2020)

Elena Giovannoni, is the founder and director of the CHRONOS (Critical and Historical Research on Organization and Society) research centre at the Royal Holloway University of London. Her interests bridge critical and historical perspectives on calculative practices, organizing, materiality and time.


@bout Time Seminar with Tammar Zilber

@bout time seminar with Tammar Zilber

02. May, 2022

Prof. Tammar Zilber (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) held a seminar "Maintaining the Institutional Order throughout a Crisis: Reconstructions of Place, Time and Emotions in Israeli High-Tech 2001-4" on her research of Isreali high-tech conferences.

Tammar Zilber is an organization theory expert and explores the microfoundations of institutional dynamics, going beyond words to include multimodalities like place, space, emotions, bodies, and visuals.



@bout Time Seminar Series

The Centre of Organization and Time regularly hosts seminars with renowned international scholars who give talks on different topics of time. Ann Langley, Hari Tsoukas and Daniel Nyberg are examples of scholars who have so far contributed to the seminar series.

If you wish to stay updated about upcoming @bout time seminars and webinars, send an email to vcs.ioa@cbs.dk to sign up for the time researches e-mailing list.  


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