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@bout Time Seminar with Liisa Välikangas
Seminar on 'Impact of business school research'
Cross-Roads at IOA: Presentation of two new research projects
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A Conversation with David Boje
@bout Time Seminar with Daniel Nyberg
@bout Time Seminar with David Obstfeld
@bout Time Seminar with Stéphanie Dameron
@bout Time Seminar with Blagoy Blagoev
@bout Time Seminar with Philippe Lorino

Previous events

Seminar on 'Impact of business school research'

October 26th 2021

In this seminar, Prof. Tima Bansal (Ivey Business School, Western University) and Prof. Alan Irwin (Copenhagen Business School) discussed their views on impact and the future of impact in the context of business schools. 
On behalf of COT, PostDoc Miriam Feuls hosted the meeting.

Tima Bansal has been considering impact for decades. In 2003, she founded the Network for Business Sustainability – a network of over 35K followers that reaches across business and practices. And, in 2019, she founded Innovation North – a research lab involving 25 of Canada’s largest organizations. In both cases, she has thought deeply about the relationship between research and practice – both its challenges and its opportunities. 

Alan Irwin approaches research impact as a Science & Technology Studies scholar with a special interest in citizen-science relations and in responsible innovation. He also has practical experience as a former dean of research at CBS, working with ‘business-in-society platforms’ among other initiatives. He is currently making slow but steady progress on a book with the provisional title, ‘Re-thinking the impact of business school research: from rigour and relevance to usable knowledge.


Cross-Roads at IOA - Presentation of new research projects

October 8th 2021

“How organization studies contribute to the Green Transition – Celebrating two new research projects at IOA”


Provocatrice: Tima Bansal, Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada



@bout Time Seminar Series

The Centre of Organization and Time regularly hosts seminars with renowned international scholars who give talks on different topics of time. Ann Langley, Hari Tsoukas and Daniel Nyberg are examples of scholars who have so far contributed to the seminar series.

If you wish to stay updated about upcoming @bout time seminars and webinars, send an email to vcs.ioa@cbs.dk to sign up for the time researches e-mailing list.  


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