Centre for Advanced Studies on Project Management


CASPRO aims to collect, facilitate and communicate research on projects, project organization and project management. Covering a wide range of topics such as product and service development, sustainable construction and urban planning, building of new hospitals and studies of project management technologies, CASPRO is a truly interdisciplinary research center.

Researchers at CASPRO publish in a variety of journals and contribute to international and inter-disciplinary debates and diversity in outlets ranging from generic management and organization journals to more specialized journals in project- and construction management, product development and accounting.

CASPRO has a declared aim to attract funding for research. Recently, a considerable grant from the CBS Public Private Platform was awarded.

In the future CASPRO will continue to apply for funding. Besides individual applications CASPRO also occasionally applies together with other centers for research funding. A joint proposal was recently made with Center for Health Management at CBS. Applications will be made in Denmark as well as in joint collaboration with Scandinavian and European research networks, in 2014 including Danish funding agencies such as the Danish Council for Strategic Research as well as upcoming funding programs such as Horizon 2020.

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