Department of Operations Management

Research assistant

Room: SOL/B5.10

Oliver has been a Research Assistant at the Department of Operations Management at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) since August 2021. Currently, he is working as part of the P+S+D project – particularly exploring pricing for digital services – contributing to the program. His research interests are primarily focused on digital transformations, servitization, and pricing.

Prior to joining CBS full time, Oliver was a professional athlete in Denmark, Holland, and Norway, worked at a consultancy, and was an intern in Terma Group. While working at CBS as a Student Assistant, he wrote his master’s thesis as part of the P+S+D project titled: Digital Servitization – Exploring the Tensions and Paradoxes in Creating and Capturing Value.

Oliver holds a B.A. Negot from the University of Southern Denmark, an MSc in Business, Language and Culture from CBS, and the CEMS MIM from CBS and University of Sydney Business School.

Primary research areas
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital services
  • Business models
  • Pricing
  • Servitization
  • Change management
  • Paradox theory
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