Department of Operations Management

Al Mahameed
Assistant professor

Room: SOL/B5.18

Muhammad is an Assistant Professor in Managerial Economics and Management Accounting. He joined Copenhagen Business School in October 2020 having previously been a lecturer in Accounting, Sustainability and Refugee Entrepreneurship in the Department of Accounting at Aston University, UK.

Before that he worked in investment banking, auditing and accounting firms in the UK and Syria.

Muhammad is currently leading the ‘RWAD’ project, which is primarily designed to supply the disadvantaged Entrepreneurs with financial and analytical skills.

Primary research areas

Muhammad’s current research focuses on (1) Social and Environmental Accounting, (2) Circular Economy and (3) Refugee Entrepreneurship as a part of my research vision of contributing to a body of knowledge of alternative accounting as an educational and informative mechanism that explores social justice, human rights and refugees’ crisis.

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  • Mr Muhammad Mahmoud, Globalisation and Localisation of CSR Reporting at Oil and Gas Industry in Egypt. Expected submission date 30th April 2021.
  • Mrs Flavia Rodricks, Sustainability and Environmental Reporting Assurance and Adopting Materiality, Completeness and Responsiveness to increase the credibility of SERA. Expected submission date 30th September 2022.
Selected publications
  • Al-Mahameed, M. & Riaz, U. (2019). How to Embed Corporate Social Responsibility in Teaching. In K. Daniels, C. Elliott, C. Chapman & S. Finley, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Perspectives from a Business School, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar [Lead Author].
  • Al-Mahameed, M., Belal, A., Lowe, A. & Gebreiter, F. “Social accounting in the context of profound political, social and economic upheaval: The case of the Arab Spring”. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Special issue [ABS 3*]. September 2019, [Lead Author] (forthcoming).
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Umair Riaz; Muhammad Al Mahameed; Lisa Gentemann; Theresa Dunne / Discourse and the Creation of French Green Bond Legitimacy
In: Qualitative Research in Financial Markets, 16.2.2023
Journal article > peer review
Muhammad Al Mahameed; David Yates; Florian Gebreiter / Management as Ideology : “New” Managerialism and the Corporate University in the Period of Covid‐19.
In: Financial Accountability & Management, 21.2.2023
Journal article > peer review
Muhammad Al Mahameed; Umair Riaz; Mohammad Salem Aldoob; Anwar Halari / The Implementation of Sustainability Practices in Arab Higher Education Institutions
In: Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, 2.2.2023
Journal article > peer review
Muhammad Al Mahameed; Umair Riaz; Lara Gee / From Unrequited Love to Sleeping with the Enemy : COVID-19 and the Future Relationship between UK Universities and Professional Accounting Bodies.
In: Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 35, No. 3, 2022, p. 427-445
Journal article > peer review
Ahmad Abras; Muhammad Al Mahameed / The Rise and Fall of Institutional Entrepreneurship in Islamic Financial Reporting Standardisation Projects
In: Accounting Forum, 10.4.2022
Journal article > peer review
Muhammad Al Mahameed; Ataur Belal; Florian Gebreiter; Alan Lowe / Social Accounting in the Context of Profound Political, Social and Economic Crisis : The Case of the Arab Spring.
In: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 34, No. 5, 2021, p. 1080-1108
Journal article > peer review
Muhammad Al Mahameed; Umair Riaz / How to Embed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Teaching
In: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Perspectives from a Business School. . ed. /Kathy Daniels; Caroline Elliott; Simon Finley; Colin Chapman. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2019, p. 249-259
Book chapter > peer review
Muhammad Al Mahameed / Corporate Social Reporting in the Arab Spring Region
: Aston University 2018, 243 p.
PhD thesis
Academic Interests
  • Corporate Social Accounting
  • Reporting Environmental Risk Management
  • NGO Accountability
  • Accounting for Refugee Entrepreneurship