Department of Operations Management

Isabelle Fabienne
Research assistant

Room: SOL/B4.03
E-mail: ifn.om@cbs.dk

Isabelle has been a Research Assistant at the Department of Operations Management at Copenhagen Business School since 2020. Currently, she is working as part of the P+S+D project—particularly exploring pricing for digital services—contributing to the Servitize.dk program. Her research interests are primarily focused on digital technological change in organizations driven by technologies such as virtual and augmented, artificial intelligence, and digital twin. She has an interest particularly in technological frames, sociomateriality, expansive learning, and paradox theory.

Isabelle holds a B.A. in English/American Studies and Business Administration from the University of Mannheim (Germany) and a M.A. in International Business Communication from Copenhagen Business School. Prior to joining CBS, Isabelle has worked globally in private sector organizations including VELUX A/S and Deutsche Bahn AG. She was primarily involved in the change management of a large-scale digital technology project for optimizing infrastructure monitoring as well as engaged in change communication activities concerning a global integration process.

Primary research areas
  • Digital technologies and innovation in organizations
  • Business sustainability in digital ecosystems
  • Servitization of manufacturing
  • Digital servitization
  • Paradox theory


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Managing Organizational Change in Global Organizations (MSc)

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Jawwad Raja; Isabelle Fabienne Neufang; Thomas Frandsen / Investigating Tensional Knots in Servitizing Firms through Communicative Processes
In: Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 105, 8.2022, p. 359-379
Journal article > peer review
Thomas Frandsen; Jawwad Z. Raja; Isabelle Fabienne Neufang / Moving toward Autonomous Solutions : Exploring the Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Business Ecosystems.
In: Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 103, 5.2022, p. 13-29
Journal article > peer review
Thomas Frandsen; Jawwad Raja; Oliver Feldballe; Isabelle Fabienne Neufang / Pricing Digital Services in Industrial Firms
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School, CBS 2022, 20 p. (P+S+D Integration Booklet Series)
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