Department of Operations Management

External Lecturer

Presentation and academic fields

Helge Sørensen is employed at Cphbusiness Business Academy, teaching at the “Finansøkonom” education. His primary teaching fields are Private Economy, Managerial and Micro Economics, and specialty classes in Bank regulation and Investment within bonds and stocks. Furthermore, as an external lecturer at CBS, he teaches Micro and Managerial Economics – currently at HA. Eur.Bus.

Professional and/or academic experience

Fourteen years of experience working with investments in Danish banks (bond research and bond trading), and teaching for more than 17 years, accumulated at various levels.

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

Helge has developed several “Blended learning” classes over the years and applied videos and Zoom teaching long before Covid. Furthermore, he supervises in the fields of Managerial Economics, Investment, and Corporate Finance.

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