Department of Operations Management

PhD fellow

Room: SOL/B4.06
E-mail: abi.om@cbs.dk

In my role as PhD Fellow at CBS, I am seeking to interpret the supply chain as a social-ecological system, thus researching the possibilities of developing a new approach to supply chain management (SCM), which will embrace the complexity of the 21st century. By applying panarchy theory to SCM, it will become possible to discuss how a panarchical approach to supply chains will influence the perception of the corporation, corporate responsibility and supply chains in general.

My research is rooted in my interest in CSR, human rights and corporate political responsibilization. As corporations are becoming increasingly powerful and globalization becomes widespread, the nation-state is slowly losing its power. Simultaneously, more and more wicked problems occur, where it is difficult to determine a clear cause as well as a single actor responsible for solving such political and social problems. This complex nature of the 21st century will serve as the setting for my research, allowing me to discuss and potentially redefine the role of corporations in society.

I hold an MSc in International Business and Politics from CBS, where I primarily focused on human rights and international law. I am eager to work with interdisciplinary matters, and I am always interested in discussing how methods and insights from one field might offer new perspectives on a different research area.  

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Amanda Bille; Christian Hendriksen / Let Us Get Contextual : Critical Realist Case Studies in Supply Chain Management.
In: Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 2.12.2022
Journal article > peer review
Amanda Bille; Andreas Wieland / Panarchy Theory
In: Handbook of Theories for Purchasing, Supply Chain and Management Research. ed. /Wendy L. Tate; Lisa M. Ellram; Lydia Bals. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2022, p. 502-514 (Research Handbooks in Business and Management, Vol. 919)
Book chapter > peer review
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