Department: Administration of Operations Management concludes successful fall semester with online teaching

OM Administrative staff brought the department safely through this phase of the pandemic in their usual competent style.



OM Administrative staff brought the department safely through the first months of the pandemic in their usual competent style.

When Covid19 closed down the country, there were many questions that needed a swift answer. How would the teaching go on? Could the students finish their courses? At Operations Management, the uncertainty was greatly alleviated by a calm and competent effort by the administrative personnel.

The push to move everything online was handled with the usual smiles and spirit. In just a very few days, exams were being planned in across many time zones, and schedules and plans were being adjusted to fit the new reality. And come October and December, they even managed the traditional Halloween and Christmas decorations. Causing smiles across the department and providing a welcome sense of normality in an otherwise very abnormal time. The year’s final challenge was Lockdown 2.0, and with experience from the spring lockdown, the administration once again managed to facilitate the transformation to an off-campus department smoothly.

In times of uncertainty and crisis, the measure of an organization is how it meets the challenge. The OM administration rose to the challenge and successfully carried out a fall semester, where 50% of all teaching had to take place online. They even upped the ante in the final weeks of the year with a 100% online university service including teaching and exams.  

“At OM, we always know who to call. I’m grateful for the efforts and care from the administration that has kept the OM ship afloat through the challenges of the past months.”

-  Carsten Ørts Hansen, Head of the Department of Operations Management

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