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Centre for Business Development and Management collaborates with practitioners to explore and develop new technologies of managing and leadership and the way in which these create value in society. Whether it is in the public, the private, or the voluntary sector, we seek out where new forms of organizing and value creation are emerging, and we involve ourselves with practitioners in order to find out how these on-going processes form the nature of management and leadership. We see practitioners as fellow-researcher not as objects. And we measure the impact of our research by the value creating processes it inspires. And we measure the impact of our research by the processes, it helps to inspire















Research Projects

Strategic Leadership Reseach in the Public Sector is the strategic research program of the Danish Ministry of Finance on the Future of Public Management/Leadership - in search of new paradigms of public value creation and leadership competences
The transformation from the industrial to knowledge society implies significant changes in the role and function of the public sector and its management. The challenge of change has been on the agenda since the beginning of the 80s, where market-type and business inspired mechanisms were introduced in most OECD countries. Perceiving the public value creation as a service and the citizens as customers implied a basic change in the management concepts. After 25 years of functioning and development the so-called NPM has reached its full potential. In some aspects NPM has turned into a burden for effective and innovative public sector performance and development. An example could be the exaggerated use of measurement and documentation, which has colonized public work culture and standardized management thinking. In the light the limitations of NPM - emphasized by a decreasing labour supply and increased citizens' expectations from service delivery - the Danish government has set up a national research program on the future of public sector leadership. The research is supposed to emphasize dialogue, cross-sectoral dissemination of experience and knowledge and close cooperation with public sector service and governance institutions.

The core elements of the program on public sector leadership were primarily defined as follows:

    The professional employee and the workplace of the future
    The development of management and leadership competencies
    New perspectives of organizing and types of organization
    The change in concepts of Steering and Governance and new types of management technologies

For further information, please contact: Henrik Hjortdal: hhj.om@cbs.dk or Preben Melander: pm.om@cbs.dk

Read more about the research on http://slip.cbs.dk/fol_uk/
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The vision of the Compliance Consortium is to be a leading global forum on Strategic Compliance. Companies and governments are rethinking their business models and thus value creation potential by increasing utilization of digital opportunities. Development and managerial handling of new business models requires that management incorporates compliance requirements as a prerequisite - but also as a lever - in order to succeed with new data-intensive solutions and business partnerships. New compliance requirements and needs arise, while previous requirements can be met at the forefront with new tools. Successful new business models transform existing solutions into onerous liabilities that are not competitive in a globalized business world. Demarcations are challenged and rethought with the new solutions and their compliance requirements. Traditional subject areas such as strategy and management, financial management, accounting and valuation as well as risk management and audit are challenged as the transaction-oriented controls are automated while data validation and security is growing in importance for internal and external controls. The strategic goal of the Compliance Consortium is through partnerships with businesses and organizations across a wide range of industries and authorities, both in Denmark and globally, to research in, invent and develop Strategic Compliance as a management task on strategic, tactical and operational levels. Research is performed in theories and models as a prerequisite for building methods, tools and processes and in the establishment of evidence for their use and importance of value creation. The Consortium will promote, communicate and highlight the findings on a current basis. Furthermore, the Consortium will work to cross-fertilize and encourage that researchers, business eco-systems and public eco-systems develop and apply innovative solutions etc. that enhances and demonstrates the value of Strategic Compliance. Likewise, the Compliance Consortium itself has the ambition proactively to pursue and adopt such compliance solutions as applicable.

For further information, please contact: Anni Haraszuk: aha.om@cbs.dk or Mogens Kühn Pedersen: mk.om@cbs.dk


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Research projects are mostly written in Danish. If needed, contact Henriette Kofoed hko.om@cbs.dk for more information.

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