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Sönnich Dahl
Teaching assistant professor

Room: SOL/D2.38

Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen (SDS) is conducting research in the field of marketing with a primary focus on the challenges and opportunities of Circular Economic Business Models from a transition perspective. The research addresses the dynamics in processes of transition, from a MultiLevelPerspective (MLP) and is looking in to the co-creation of value in Actor-Networks (ANT). As part of the PhD research project, SDS is working to create a researched based model with which it is possible to evaluate the economic and environmental consequences of a transition from linear to circular economic public procurement. This is mainly to expose what is required of the buying organization and the supplier/stakeholders value chains respectively, to embrace a context where production of goods is restorative and regenerative by design – which is the core of Circular Economy. 

“Circular economy, eco-labels and public procurement”

One of four videos (in Danish) shortly presenting brief insights on the circular economy, circular public procurement and how eco-labels, both in general and related to public spending’s, can support implementation of circular economy principles. See them all in the news.

Primary research areas
  • Circular Economic Business Models
  • Circular Public Procurement
  • Dynamics in processes from a MultiLevelPerspective
  • Actor-Networks, Co-Creation and Transition of Value Chains towards sustainability
  • Organizational Absorptive Capacity
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Julia Köhler; Sönnich Sönnichsen; Philip Beske-Janssen / Towards a Collaboration Framework for Circular Economy : The Role of Dynamic Capabilities and Open Innovation.
In: Business Strategy and the Environment, 9.2.2022
Journal article > peer review
Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen / Exploring the Interface Between Public Demand and Private Supply for Implementation of Circular Economy Principles
Frederiksberg : Copenhagen Business School [Phd] 2021, 519 p. (PhD Series, No. 14.2021)
Ph.D. thesis
Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen; Jesper Clement / Review of Green and Sustainable Public Procurement : Towards Circular Public procurement.
In: Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 245, 2.2020
Review > peer review
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