Department of Marketing

External lecturer

Anne Martensen
Presentation and academic fields
Anne Martensen’s main fields of research are consumer behavior, relationship marketing and marketing research methods. She focuses on how to build, strengthen and manage consumer relationships to optimize the customers’ brand experiences and the company’s market and financial performance. Her most recent research studies Word-of Mouth Communication (online and offline), Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Trust. The outcome of Anne Martensen’s research is often specific models and measurement instruments that can be implemented and used by business society and NGO’s in their effort to create growth and business results.
Anne Martensen is the founder of Dansk Kunde Index, which is part of the European Customer Satisfaction Index (ECSI)/ European Performance Satisfaction Index (EPSI).
Anne Martensen's articles have more than 2,900 citations.
Most Read Article Award, 2014 and 2015. The article “The relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty: cross-industry differences” (by Lars Grønholdt, Anne Martensen and Kai Kristensen), Total Quality Management, Vol. 11, No. 4-6, 2000, p. S509-S514, is awarded as the most read article in the journal from publication date based on full-text and pdf views.