Social Media Research Cluster (SMRC)


About the Social Media Research Cluster

The Social Media Research Group (SMRG) brings together researchers at Copenhagen Business School who are interested in studying whether and how social media impacts on the interactions between brands, consumers and other stakeholders.

General objectives are:

  • To establish a platform for vivid exchange of thoughts and ideas in this emerging research area between researchers and practitioners
  • To encourage individual and collaborative research projects in this area
  • To encourage student work (theses, project work etc.) and teaching initiatives in this area
  • To strengthen CBS’ profile and in particular the department’s profile in this area

Academic Profile

The SMRG at the Department of Marketing focuses on understanding how social media affects interactions and relationships between brands, consumers and other stakeholders. The group acknowledges the relative novelty of this area and strives to understand current practice, consolidate and structure existing knowledge and develop new concepts, theories, and methods, aiming at relevant contributions for research and practice. We thereby follow an inside-out as well as outside-in perspective, studying companies and consumers. Members of the research group are methodologically pluralist using inductive and deductive approaches, including quantitative (experimental research, network analysis, data modeling) and qualitative methods (netnographic/ethnographic approach, qualitative case study research, grounded theory). 

The research group was established by Antonia Erz and Richard Jones. The group meets on a regular basis and is open to everyone interested. For more information, please contact Antonia Erz or Richard Jones.

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