The Marketing Ethics Research Cluster (MERC) has been founded by associate professor Stefan Markovic and professor Adam Lindgreen at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in 2018. The aim of the cluster is to produce and disseminate research on ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability conducted within the discipline of marketing and oriented toward boosting the competitive advantage of organizations in an ever more saturated and interconnected Marketplace.

• The antecedents and consequences of customer perceptions of corporate brand ethicality and social responsibility.

• The ethical implications and challenges of diverse brand co-creation processes, such as brand identity co-creation, brand knowledge co-creation, and brand offerings co-creation.

• The impact of social and environmental practices on the triple bottom line.

• The implementation of sustainability in business-to-business organizations.

• The impact of sustainability as a strategic orientation on firms’ innovation endeavours and performance.

• Ethical issues in branding public bodies (e.g., places and public institutions).

• Drivers of charitable behaviour, donor relationship management, and donor loyalty.

• Ethics and sustainability in the context of luxury.

MERC is international in scope, involving experts in the above-mentioned topics from top-tier international institutions. To facilitate knowledge sharing, MERC organizes international research seminars, visits, workshops, writing retreats, and other types of research-based activities. It also supports international teaching opportunities, as well as PhD supervision and assessment.

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