• Antonia Erz is working on various projects focusing on a) consumer behaviour in social media, including the role of influencers and microcelebrities and b) information-processing of novel marketing stimuli.
• Jesper Clement works on theoretical and managerial implications on consumers’ non-conscious decision processes. Project A: Leading or misleading consumers Project B: The impact form visual cues on decisions.
• Hanne Pico Larsen is currently working on various projects related to the construction of cosmopolitan service-scapes within the restaurant business in NYC and London. (Project: Cosmopolitanism and its Sociomaterial Construction in the Servicescape).
• Lars Grønholdt is working on (a) consumer trust, (b) customer satisfaction and loyalty, and (c) customer experience measurement and management.
• Stefan Markovic is currently working on brand ethicality, brand co-creation and brand experience.
• Thyra Uth Thomsen is currently working on disruptive views on consumption (Project A: Unconventional Luxury, Project B: Consumer Transcendence) and sustainable food consumption (Project C: Food Waste, Project D: Healthy Food Intake).
• Torben Hansen is working on various projects, including (a) consumer trust in financial markets and services and (b) consumer food behaviour and healthy food intake (c) disseminating knowledge to students in the form of research-based textbooks.

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