The Brand Meaning network brings together leading international critical scholars.


The Brand Meaning network brings together leading international critical scholars with interest in exploring and discussing the co-creation and co-destruction of brand meaning. The network’s aims are to:

  1. Critically reflect on the state of the art of this field of research and discuss the potential integration of developments/findings from various disciplines in order to advance the field and gain new insights.
  2. Identify and discuss key concepts and terms including but not limited to: roles, actors, actions, identities, institutional and cultural constraints.
  3. identify higher-order perspectives relating to the interactions and reciprocity between stakeholders and other actors/actants
  4. Discuss different approaches and perspectives to understanding the nature of the interactions between stakeholders and the co-construction of brand meaning: interpersonal, personality, institutional, cultural, social, etc.


The Brand Meaning Network members on a stormy day 

The network was initiated by the Brand Meaning Research Cluster at CBS with support from the Carlsberg Foundation.



2nd Brand Meaning Network Workshop. 19th-20th October, CBS, Denmark.

We are pleased to announce the 2nd network workshop to be held in Copenhagen this Autumn.  For this second workshop we wish to explore key themes, theories and concepts that could be relevant to understanding key aspects the dynamics of brand meaning co-creation (including destruction). The workshop will maintain the explorative interactive nature of the first workshop and will consists of a mix of presentations and break out workshops around specific topics. For further information contact: Richard  or Sylvia.

Special Issue of Journal of Business Research: Co-creating Stakeholder and Brand Identities. Publication date: January 2017


EMAC 2016

Special session: The process of multi-stakeholder brand co-creation: Critical reflections.

Paper 1: A new co-creative typology: Corporate Brand Identity Development in SMEs
Authors & affiliations: Richard Gyrd-Jones (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) and Minna Törmälä (Oulu Business School, Finland).
Presenter(s): Richard Gyrd-Jones and Minna Törmälä

Paper 2: Performing LEGO: Co-constructing stakeholder and brand identity
Authors & affiliations: Sylvia von Wallpach (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark), Andrea Hemetsberger (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Peter Espersen (Pixable, USA)
Presenter(s): Sylvia von Wallpach and Andrea Hemetsberger

Paper 3: Brand Identity in a Context of Co-Creation: When Consumers Drive Brand Identity Development
Authors & affiliations: Catherine da Silveira (NOVA School of Business & Economics, Portugal) and Cláudia Simões (The Open University Business School, UK)
Presenter(s): Catherine da Silveira and Cláudia Simões

Paper 4: Ethical challenges of brand value co-creation
Authors & affiliations: Stefan Markovic (ESADE Business School, Spain) and Oriol Iglesias (ESADE Business School, Spain)
Presenter(s): Stefan Markovic

Discussant: Nicholas Ind, Oslo School of Management, Norway

Global Branding Conference 2016

Kennedy and Guzman: Factors leading to consumer co-creation of brand
Paswan, Guzman, Kennedy: Consumer Brand Value Co-creation Typology
Rindell, Tikkanen, Strandvik: The Employees' View on Organisational Identity and Organisational Heritage
Markovic and Iglesias: Brand value co- creation: Ethical implications from a managerial perspective
Liewendahl and Rindell: Employee motivation for corporate brand promise alignment
Saraneimi and Gyrd-Jones: Brand Identity Creation and Temporality
da Silveira and Simões: How and why do consumers engage in brand identity co-creation? Does this engagement aim at shaping a better brand?

Workshop: Brand Meaning Co-Creation and Co-Construction in Dynamic Stakeholder Networks, Tisvildeleje, Denmark. 24-26 September, 2015.

Research Visit: PhD Student, Sabrina Gabl, University of Innsbruck, (visiting CBS from March - Sept. 2015)

Research Visit: Ass. Prof., Saila Saraniemi, Oulu Business School, Oulu University, (visiting CBS from 28 September – 2 October 2015)

Research Visit: PhD Student, Johanne Still, Oulu Business School (visiting CBS from September - October 2016)

PhD’s & Post Docs

The network encourages movement of especially junior researchers that aims to guarantee free office space and computer facilities to visiting researchers for periods of days to months.

Completed: Mäläskä, M. (2015). Co-creation of Corporate Brand Through Stakeholder Relationships in B2B SMEs, Oulu Business School, Finland.

Completed: Da Silveira, C. (2016). Insights into Brand Identity Management through the Lens of Value Co-Creation: A Longitudinal Case Study from Post-Graduate Higher Education, Open University, U.K.

Ongoing: Marques-Gomes, J., Brand Authenticity of Drugs, Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal.

Ongoing: Johanna Still, Co-creation of service experiences in advertising agency-customer relationships, Oulu Business School, Finland.


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