brand meaning network

The Brand Meaning Research Cluster

...studies the co-construction and co-destruction of brand meaning in a collaborative effort between multiple stakeholders.

This view challenges the existing hegemony in the brand management literature, which sees brand meaning as the prerogative of brand managers and their agencies.
In our research we see the co-construction of brand meaning taking place through the processes and relationships within the stakeholder eco-system. Meaning co-creation affects both brands as well as stakeholders involved and is established within social, cultural, political and economic contexts. This area of research is emergent and already represented in top marketing journals such as Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research and relates to parallel research in consumer behaviour published in Journal Citations Report and notions on co-creation published in Journal of Marketing.

The cluster is highly active in research and teaching where we see a synergistic relationship between the two. Our research is published inter alia in: Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Brand Management, Journal of Marketing Management, and European Journal of Marketing.

We are active at the following conferences: Advanced in Consumer Research, European Advances in Consumer Research, European Marketing Academy (EMAC), and Australian & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC).

Our Aim

Our aim is to become a recognised center for research in this field and a major international node for the exchange of knowledge for researchers within the areas of brand meaning co-creation.

Our strategy is built on four pillars: High quality in research, international collaboration, research education, and teaching described more in detail below.

Currently we offer the following courses:

New Frontiers in Branding, MSc level (Cand.merc.) elective. Online course only.

Corporate Branding and Communities, MSc level (Cand.merc.) course on the Strategic Market Creation (SMC) programme. 

Social Media Marketing, MSc level (Cand.merc.) elective. Online course only.

Perspectives in Strategic Brand Management, MSc level (Cand.merc.) core course on the Brand Communication Management (BCM) programme. 

Advanced Perspectives in Brand Co-creation: Innovation opportunities and ethical challenges 

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