Appointment of Kasper Skou Arendt as PhD student



The Department is happy to welcome Kasper Skou Arendt as PhD student. Kasper holds an MSc in Sociology from University of Copenhagen from 2017. During his studies, Kasper primarily focused on quantitative research methods and sociology of education. Since 2014, he has been employed as student researcher and, subsequently, as analyst at VIVE - The Danish Centre for Social Science Research where he worked on the evaluation of the Danish school reform, and published reports on the development of student engagement, well-being, and leisure activities. Kasper has also studied the effects of instructional hours on student performance, combining survey-data and data from the Danish registers. Kasper’s PhD-project at CBS is about the effects of studio-based learning on entrepreneurship, and falls under the DEED project, supervised by professor (mso) Bo Christensen. The project is funded by IRFD.


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