Department of Marketing



Year Highlights 2016

Faculty recruitment and promotion

Dr. Bo Christensen promoted to professor (mso)
Dr. Adam Lindgreen hired as full professor and head of department
Dr. Stefan Markovic hired as assistant professor
Sönnich Dahl Sönnichsen hired as PhD student

Selected research output

Assaf, A.G. and Josiassen, A. (2016), “Frontier analysis: a state of the art review and meta-analysis”, Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 55, No. 5, pp. 612-627.

Assaf, A.G., Josiassen, A., and Oh, H. (2016), “Internationalization and hotel performance: the missing pieces”, Tourism Economics, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp. 572-592.

Borland, H., Ambrosini, V., Lindgreen, A., and Vanhamme, J. (2016), “Building theory at the intersection of ecological sustainability and strategic management”, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 135, No. 2, pp. 293-307.

Josiassen, A., Assaf, A.G., Woo, L., and Kock, F. (2016), “The imagery-image model: revisiting destination image”, Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 55, No. 6, pp. 789-803.

Kock, F., Josiassen, A., and Assaf, A.G. (2016), “Advancing destination image: the destination content model”, Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 61, 28-44.

Kotler, P., Keller, K.L., Brady, M., Goodman, M., and Hansen, T. (2016), Marketing Management, 3rd European ed., Pearson – Prentice Hall, London.

Lindgreen, A., Hingley, M.K., Angell, R., Memery, J., and Vanhamme, J. (Eds.) (2016), A Stakeholder Approach to Managing Food: Local, National, and Global Issues, Routledge, London, 332 pp.

Llamas, R., and Thomsen, T.U. (2016), “The luxury of igniting change by giving: Transforming yourself while transforming others’ lives”, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 166-176.

Lund-Thomsen, P., Lindgreen, A., and Vanhamme, J. (2016), “Industrial clusters and corporate social responsibility in developing countries: what we know, what we do not know, and what we need to know”, Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 133, No. 1, pp. 9-24.

Toon, M., Morgan, R., Lindgreen, A., Vanhamme, J., and Hingley, M.K. (2016), “Processes and integration in the interaction of purchasing and marketing: considering synergy and symbiosis”, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 52, February, pp. 74-81.

Uzelac, B., Bauer, F., Matzler, K. and Waschak, M. (2016). The moderating effects of decision-making preference on M&A integration speed and performance, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 27, No. 20, pp. 2436-2460.

Selected educational activities

B.T. Christensen

  • Study board member of HA (psyk) / CM (psyk)
  • Temporary head of the HA (psyk) / CM (psyk) study board
  • Chairing a reform committee for CM (psyk)

T. Hansen

  • Program director for the M.Sc. Economics and Marketing (EMF)
  • Cluster coordinator (three M.Sc. Marketing concentrations)

A. Lindgreen

  • External examiner for the BSc (honors) in Marketing at the University of Mauritius

T.U. Thomsen

  • Academic director of the Assistant Professor Program
  • Supervisor of the Ph.D. thesis by R. Llamas, defended at the Department of Marketing, University of León, Spain

R. Wilke

  • Study board member of Cand. soc.

External Funding

B.T. Christensen

  • In order to fund the Design Thinking Research Symposium 11, B.T. Christensen applied for funding from Carlsberg Fondet, The Independent Danish Research Counsel, Otto Mønsteds fondet, and Innovationsfonden and attained funding from all of these sources for the symposium

S. von Wallpach

  • Externally co-funded (€244.511) research project 2014-2016: “Employer branding as communicative interface between employers and (potential) employees”, funded by the Land Tirol - Translational Research Program

J. Geersbro

  • Smart Diagnos Horizon 2020-funded (€100.000) project in collaboration with Danish Technical University

Academic Citizenship & Administration and Management

H.J. Duus

  • Member of the board of CBS Wire

T.U. Thomsen

  • Represented CBS in a panel debate at Rektorkollegiets Udvalg om Uddannelsespolitik’s conference on motivation at Christiansborg, May 2016

Selected Examples of Dissemination and Esteem & Engagement and Internationalization

B.T. Christensen

  • Organized the Design Thinking Research Symposium 11 (DTRS11) resulting in an edited book (Taylor and Francis) volume, as well as special issues of the BFI-II journals Design Studies and Co-Design

J. Geersbro

  • Editorial board member of Industrial Marketing Management
  • Editorial board member Journal of Business Market Management
  • Co-editor of Nyhedsbrevet om Forbrugeradfærd

L. Grønholdt

  • Best paper award at the 19th International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences (ICQSS), Italy
  • On the editorial advisory board of International Journal of Quality and Social Sciences
  • On the editorial advisory board of Total Quality Management and Business Excellence
  • Member of the International Foundation for Customer Focus (IFCF) Research Network
  • Academic partner in the Pan-European Extended Performance Satisfaction Index (EPSI) Research Network

R. Gyrd-Jones

  • Docent at Oulu Business, School, University of Oulu

T. Hansen

  • Editor-in-Chief of Nyhedsbrevet om Forbrugeradfærd
  • Member of the Marketing Law Revision Committee, appointed by the Minister for Business and Growth
  • Best paper award at the 19th International Conference on Quality and Service Sciences (ICQSS), Italy
  • Chairman of the ESCP-EAP Northern Europe Scientific Committee for International Congress Marketing Trends
  • VIP-member, Danish Shareholders Association, appointed by the president

A. Josiassen

  • Track chair at Global Marketing Conference, South-Korea
  • Editorial board member of Journal of Travel Research
  • Editorial board member of International Marketing Review

A. Lindgreen

  • Affiliated member of Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University’s Business School
  • Co-editor-in-Chief of Industrial Marketing Management
  • Honorary visiting professor at University of Bradford’s School of Management
  • Lindgreen, A., Angell, R.J., and Santana, A.C. (Eds.) (2016), special issue: Co-management of Purchasing and Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 52, January, 78 pp.
  • Member of the Bradford Centre for Business in Society at University of Bradford’s School of Management
  • Member of the International Scientific Advisory Panel of the New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre
  • Professorship assessment committee at University College Dublin’s Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

S. von Wallpach

  • The Danish ‘correspondent étranger’ of the Association Française du Marketing
  • Organizer and chair of the EMAC Climber Community 2016, a half-day event for post-doctoral researchers during the European Marketing Academy Conference and two internet groups on Facebook und LinkedIn
  • Organizer and chair of the EMAC Special Interest group on the process of multi-stakeholder brand co-creation: critical reflections, Norway

R. Wilke

  • Member of the editorial board of Innovative Marketing
  • Member of the editorial board of International Journal of Business Innovation and Research
  • Member of the managerial board of Erhvervslivets pris for Marketingforskning
  • External managerial board member and vice-president of Danish Shareholders
  • Member of the steering committee of Service Platform, DEA
  • Member of the managerial board of Huset Markedsføring A/S (Danish Association of Media, Marketing and Communication)
  • Member of the expert panel of MMM price, Retail price, Detailforum
  • Member of the Advirosy board, Resma
  • Member of the expert committee choosing “Årets CMO”, Berlingske Tidende

S. Zenker

  • Member of the Scientific Council for the International Place Branding Conference
  • Founding Member of the Place Branding and Marketing Association
  • Member of the Tourism Researcher in Denmark association
  • Member of the Best Place – European Institute for Place Branding and Marketing
  • Member of the scientific committee for the “regional attractiveness & place marketing chair”, Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance of Aix-Marseille University, France

Selected Departmental Activities

  • Departmental strategy away day at National Museum of Denmark
  • DVIP workshop at Jacobsen’s Bryggeri with presentations by 1) J. Bjarkow (Carlsberg) on market changing from mainstream beers towards specialized beers and 2) faculty members A. Josiassen, B.T. Christensen, and J. Clement

International Faculty Visits

  • Professor SJ. Armstrong, Hull University Business School
  • Professor R. Belk, Schulich School of Business
  • Dr. A. Ciceri, IULM University
  • Assistant Professor E. Chung, RMIT University
  • Assistant professor Z. Estes, SDA Bocconi
  • Associate professor B.P. Florencio, Universidad Pable de Olavide
  • Assistant professor M. Garaus, Vienna University
  • Professor A.-M. Hede, Victoria University
  • Associate Professor I. Karpen, RMIT University
  • Associate professor T. Kiyoshi, Toyama College’s National Institute of Technology.
  • Dr. R. Llamas, University of León
  • Lecturer B. Marder, University of Edinburgh’ Business School
  • Professor R. Morgan, Cardiff University’s Business School
  • Professor G. Muratovski, College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, University of Cincinnati
  • Professor J. Zaichkowsky, Simon Fraser University
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