2nd Brand Meaning Network Workshop

Thursday, October 19, 2017 - 08:00 to Friday, October 20, 2017 - 17:00

The Brand Meaning Network spearheads studies into the co-construction and co-destruction of brand meaning in a collaborative effort between multiple stakeholders. This view challenges the existing hegemony in the brand management literature, which sees brand meaning as the prerogative of brand managers and their agencies. The network represents research that embraces a dynamic, multi-stakeholder, process perspective on brands and brand management; where the co-construction of brand meaning takes place through the processes and relationships within the stakeholder eco-system. This focus is reflected in our research outputs since the network’s inauguration in 2015; of particular note are published journal articles in a special issue in the Journal of Business Research (2017) and a special session at the EMAC conference 2016.
For this second workshop we wish to explore key themes, theories and concepts that could be relevant to understanding key aspects the dynamics of brand meaning co-creation (including destruction). Such questions could relate to the definition and nature of brand meaning co-creation specifically and co-creation in general, but could also consider specific micro-processes or methodologies related to brand meaning co-creation. We wish to maintain the explorative interactive nature of the first workshop. Once again, we suggest a mix of presentations and break out workshops around specific topics. The aim of the workshop is to identify key themes, which could form the basis of future research collaborations and projects. Further details and a detailed programme will be available in August.
Workshop organizer: Richard Jones, Associate Professor, rj.marktg@cbs.dk

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