Degree Programmes

It is the Department's first job to influence all levels of education when it comes to teaching the marketing discipline.


Bachelor Courses (BSc)

The Department of Marketing is responsible for teaching in various marketing courses and electives under the following bachelor degree programmes:

HA Almen Erhvervsøkonomi BSc in Economics and Business Administration

HA (JUR) BSc in Business Administration & Commercial Law

HA (MAT) BSc in Business Administration & Mathematics

HA (KOM) BSc in Business Administration & Commercial Communication

HA (IMK) BSc in Intercultural Marketing Communication

HA (PSYK) BSc in Business Administration & Psychology

HA (SEM) BSc in Business Administration & Service Management

HA (PRO) BSc in Business Administration & Project Management,

and BEUB BSc in European Business.

Master Programmes (MSc)

The Department of Marketing is responsible for four MSc programmes in marketing including electives that vary from year to year:

Brand and Communications Management (BCM)

Programme Coordinator: Associate Professor Richard Jones

Programme Administrator: Jeannett Zola Andersen 


Customer and Commercial Development (CCD)

Programme Coordinator: Associate Professor Michel van der Borgh

Programme Administrator: Katrine Bech


Økonomisk Markedsføring (EMF) (Economics and Marketing). In Danish only.

Programme Coordinator: Professor Torben Hansen

Programme Administrator: Merete Skaalum Lassen 


Service Management (Cand. Soc. SEM)

Programme Coordinator: Associate Professor Sebastian Zenker

Programme Administrator: Katrine Bech


HD 2. del Marketing Management

(Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management 2nd part). In Danish only.

Programme Coordinator: Associate Professor Jens Geerbro

Programme Administrator: Lena Dalsbo Petersen 


PhD Programmes

Course Coordinator: Professor Torsten Ringberg

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