Corporate Social Responsibility Book


BSc supervision 2018/2019 Responsible
Amina Traore, Kelly Olsson and Michelle Høluck (Copenhagen Business School) An Exploratory Study of Sustainable Development in the Coffee Industry Erin Leitheiser
Thuy Quynh Tho Dinh (Copenhagen Business School) Empresas Polar: CSR as a business defense   Erin Leitheiser
Sebastian Schmidt and Mathias Christian Steffensen (Copenhagen Business School) Onshoring the Fashion Industry in Germany and the UK: A comparative case study Erin Leitheiser
Ellinor Jansdotter Samuelsson, Hanna Ingrid Margaret Jensen-Torp and Paula Birgitta Britsman (Copenhagen Business School) What are the challenges and opportunities for CSR-oriented companies when expanding to China? A case study of the Denjo Dogs Erin Leitheiser
MSc supervision 2017/2018 Responsible
Erik Sørensen (Copenhagen Business School) Sustainable Procurement at Novo Nordisk Erin Leitheiser
Agata Maria Pajak and Andreas Nygaard Andersen (Copenhagen Business School) Building a business case for the Bottom of the Pyramid: The case of the Zambian dairy industry Erin Leitheiser
MSc supervision 2016/2017 Responsible
Mette Nielsen and Kristian Møller (Copenhagen Business School) Private Governance and Political Roles: Implications of the Accord on fire and Building Safety on MNCs. Erin Leitheiser
Judith Klein and Kristina Feldt (Copenhagen Business School) Avoiding the "Race to the Bottom": Building a sustainable textile production hub in Ethiopia. Erin Leitheiser
Internship supervision 2016/2017 Responsible
Hendrike Dawidowsky (Copenhagen Business School / Internship:
Otto Group) How is CSR performance measured along the supply chain?  What challenges do these KPIs present?
Erin Leitheiser
Students & Projects 2016/2017 Responsible
Ekaterina Prokofveva (Copenhagen Business School) CSR Policies and Their Impact on Bangladesh within the Garment Industry: The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh Erin Leitheiser

Recent completions

Daniella Cathrine Ekelund-Arenander; Jonas Nitschke and Patrick Aleksander Pazdzierski (Copenhagen Business School) Transparency of corporate lobbying in Denmark Jeremy Moon
Sophia Stevn Lauritsen (Copenhagen Business School) The VELUX Group and the Circular Economy Jeremy Moon
Tatiana Thomsen (Copenhagen Business School) Making sense of political activity in a CSR world:  An integrative perspective on CSR and CPA in Danish corporations Jeremy Moon
Melisa Bilge Celik (Copenhagen Business School) CSR and Consumer Behaviour in the Banking Sector: A case study of Danske Bank Jeremy Moon
Aleksandra Ivanova Vitanova (Copenhagen Business School) How does the Carlsberg Circular Economy strategy translate into its overall strategy? Jeremy Moon
Simone Targa (Copenhagen Business School) Strengths and Challenges of a Multi-stakeholder approach: Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil and Smallholders' engagement. Jeremy Moon
Sophia Steven Lauritsen (Copenhagen Business School) Circular Economy Jeremy Moon
Melissa Bilge Celik (Copenhagen Business School) CSR and Consumers in the Banking Sector Jeremy Moon
Tatiana Thomsen (Copenhagen Business School) Responsible Lobbying Jeremy Moon
Kristina Møller and Mette Bøssing Nielsen (Copenhagen Business School) Political CSR: Mending the Ready-Made Garments Industry? The Case of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh Erin Leitheiser
Judith Klein and Kristina Feldt (Copenhagen Business School) Made in Ethiopia: The Potential for Social Upgrading in the Ethiopian Textile Industry Erin Leitheiser
Charlotte Sølling (Copenhagen Business School) Public Private Partnerships for Women’s Empowerment: Empowerment for Whom? Lauren McCarthy
Bolette Jeanette Wredstroem (Copenhagen Business School) How Gender Inequality Shapes Female Expatriates’ Experiences & Perceptions in China Lauren McCarthy
Anne-Sophie Krabbe Milling (Copenhagen Business School) Business, Human Rights and CSR in Denmark Lauren McCarthy
Maria Evert (Copenhagen Business School) Young Adults’ Perception of their Career Development during School to Work Transition: The Meditating Effect of Gender Lauren McCarthy
Line Pedini Rasmussen (Copenhagen Business School) The Impact of the Danish Reporting Law on Company Practice Jeremy  Moon
Mathias Lund Larsen (Copenhagen Business School) An Analysis of Delistings from the United Nations Global Compact Jeremy Moon
Kipras Kirkutis (Copenhagen Business School) Environmental sustainability communication in pharmaceutical industry: Novo Nordisk Sustainable Customer Carbon Footprint project Jeremy Moon
Felix Harrer (Copenhagen Business School) Organizing for Sustainability Reporting Jeremy Moon
PhD Current
Year Students & Projects Responsible
Luisa Murphy (Copenhagen Business School) Governance for anti-corruption: the role of the ASEAN CSR Network Jeremy Moon
Anestis Keremis (Copenhagen Business School) Anti-corruption and corporate responsibility as power: The case of Danish MNCs in China Jeremy Moon
Recent completions
Erin Leitheiser (Copenhagen Business School) Is Business the New Global Governor? Examination of the parameters, potential and performativity of private governance in global supply chains Jeremy Moon
Lucia Cervi (Nottingham University Business School) How is the body discursively constructed through fertility drugs? Jeremy Moon
Lara Hale (Copenhagen Business School) Institutionalization of Sustainability Innovations in the Building Sector Jeremy Moon
Shakera Siddicky (Nottingham University Business School) The Emergence Of Corporate Instigation Of Community-Based Organizations (Cicbo) As A Corporate Community Involvement Mode:  Case Studies Of Oil And Gas Companies In India Jeremy Moon
Gabriela Gutierrez Huerter O (Nottingham University Business School) The transnational transfer of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Within A Multi-National Corporation Jeremy Moon
Bettina Grant (Nottingham University Business School) The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Corporate Crises Created by Radical Activists: Campaigns, Participation, Responses and Newsworthiness Jeremy Moon
Lauren McCarthy (Nottingham University Business School)
Gender, CSR and Change in the Cocoa Value Chain: A Gendered Institutional Approach
Jeremy Moon

Laurence Vigneau (Nottingham University Business School) The interpretation and integration of CSR in a multinational corporation

Jeremy Moon

2018/2019 teaching


Level Coordinator / Contributor
Corporate Citizenship MSc Jeremy Moon and Luisa Murphy
Business & Human Rights: Governance, Leadership and Management MSc Luisa Murphy
Business Responsibilities for Human Rights MSc Luisa Murphy 
PDF iconPRME Nordic PhD Course PhD Jeremy Moon

2017/2018 teaching


Level Coordinator / Contributor
Corporate Citizenship MSc Jeremy Moon and Luisa Murphy
Organizations and Society  MSc Coordinator: Jeremy Moon
Contributor: Erin Leitheiser
Responsible Management BA Coordinator: Erin Leitheiser
Contributor: Jeremy Moon
and Luisa Murphy
Scandinavian Sustainability and CSR MSc Jeremy Moon
Business Responsibilities for Human Rights MSc Luisa Murphy

2016/2017 teaching


Level Coordinator / Contributor
Globalization and Organizations MSc Erin Leitheiser
Organizations and Society MSc Jeremy Moon
Responsible Management BA Erin Leitheiser and Luisa Murphy
CSR: A Pathway to Sustainable Development? MSc Lauren McCarthy
Diversity and CSR Beyond Borders MSc Lauren McCarthy
Scandinavian Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility BA

Jeremy Moon

CSR-Managing the social impact of business BA Erin Leitheiser, Lauren McCarthy and Jeremy Moon
Social responsibility in Action MSc Erin Leitheiser

2015/2016 teaching

Course Level Coordinator / Contributor
Theoretical Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PhD Jeremy Moon, Glen Whelan, Jean-Pascal Gond
Business Innovation & Sustainability EMBA Jeremy Moon
Managing Sustainable Corporations MBA Jeremy Moon
Diversity Management Master Lauren McCarthy
Globalisation and Organisation Master Jeremy Moon, Lauren McCarthy, Erin Leitheiser
Organization & Society Master Jeremy Moon
Managing the Social Impact of Business Master Jeremy Moon
Scandinavian Sustainability and CSR Bachelor Jeremy Moon
Responsible Management Bachelor Jeremy Moon, Lauren McCarthy, Erin Leitheiser


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