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Current EU projects:


Urban challenge

We are coordinating the Urban Challenge Programme, which is supported by the Erasmus+ Programme for Knowledge Alliances. As an interdisciplinary, cross-institutional, cross-cultural higher education programme, the Urban Challenge Programme facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience, and ideas for urban sustainability across cities and countries. We have had 387 students attending 15 courses where 6 companies joined the 6 universities in tackling an array of urban challenges, such as carbon emissions, city re-development, historical preservation, urban gardening, etc. We are now in the final year of the project.




We are coordinating the H2020 Cities-4-People project that focuses on transforming and improving mobility and transportation in five European cities, based on 3 pillars: focus on citizens, empowerment of mobility communities and urban sustainability via innovations. The three-year project brings together a set of distinct stakeholders, including municipalities, universities, SMEs and local citizens to co-create and co-implement a number of mobility concepts that tackle existing local challenges. These solutions are being tested and evaluated, and will be scaled up in the partner cities, setting a learning that can be replicated in other European locations.



Previous EU projects:



The three-year project covered sustainable and multimodal transportation across urban and regional nodes with the Scandinavian-Adriatic corridor dealing among other things with partnerships between port authorities and shipping companies. Our team focused on understanding the drivers behind engaging in multimodal transport partnerships. For instance, why does the port authority engage in close partnership with a specific shipping company rather than another company? Are partnerships solely based on economic business considerations or are they also based on personal relationships or other factors? The project has exposed that there are enormous differences in the choices of projects, partners and types of collaboration and cross the sites involved in the project.


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