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Tali Padan

The financial crises, coupled with the call for 'responsibilizing' business students, have provided an opportunity to look at what is the nature of responsibility, and how do we become responsible. Objectifying responsibility as knowledge to be transferred conceptually has its limitations, in that the right knowledge may not align with responsible practices. Therefore, a more internal understanding, in the form of transformative learning, offers critical self-reflection that allow the learner to see the limitations of identifying with a belief or ideology and unlearn some of these practices. The transformative learning process is triggered by a disorienting dilemma, which brings up different reactions and emotions in the students, and as the educator facilitates and supports these reactions, the discomfort is used as the trigger for the learning experience. This research project is engaged with how different reactions to this discomfort can shed light on how to learn responsibility in management education.


Primary research areas
  • Unlearning
  • Transformative Learning Experience 
  • Social Responsibility 
  • Self-Reflection 
  • Othering 
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Tali Padan / Unlearning : A Transformative, Uncomfortable Process.
In: Proceedings of the 2018 Research in Management Learning and Education (RMLE) UnconferenceRobina : RMLE 2018, 1 p., p. 78
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Tali Padan / Unlearning the Other in Management Education
In: Building Transformative Community: Enacting Possibility in Today’s Times. Proceedings of the XIII Biennial Transformative Learning Conference. . ed. /Marguerite Welch; Victoria Marsick; Dyan Holt. New York : Teachers College, Columbia University 2018, p. 509-515
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