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Simon Ulrik
External lecturer

Simon Ulrik Kragh

My primary research interest is intercultural management, organization and communication, which I analyse in my current projects against the background of classic sociology and modernization theory.

In my present project I base my work on the hypothesis that countries which are in a relatively early stage of the industrialization process, or who have become industrialized late in an historical sense, continue to have pre-industrial values and behavioural norms which are expressed in management and organizational behaviour. Paternalistic management, personal networks and nepotism can be traced back to particularistic norms from pre-industrial, traditional socities. I also use perspectives derived from modernization theory as a frame of reference for the analysis of food culture on the Arabic peninsula where traditional consumer patterns still exist.

In a study of attitudes among Danish and international students to teaching methods, I have explained the observed differences on the basis of Inglehart's postmodernization theory and empirical analyses. The analyses show that Danish and Nordic students, as were to be expected according to Inglehart's analysis, clearly have more egalitarian values as compared to those of students from other countries.

Research interests:

  • Management and organizational behaviour in developing countries
  • Values among Danish and foreign students
  • Intercultural marketing
  • Intercultural communication

Selected publications:

Preindustrial Patterns in Chinese Organizational Culture. International Journal of Human Resource Management. Vol. 23(11-12) 2012.

The Anthropology of Nepotism. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management. Vol. 12 (2) 247-265 2012

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MA IBC: Cross-cultural management


Intercultural management, organization and marketing