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Professor, Honorary Doctor

Mats Alvesson
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Professor Mats Alvesson, School of Management, Lund University, is one of the most distinguished social scientists in Europe and the world, globally recognised for this thought leadership.  Professor Alvesson’s originality and influence are closely related to his innovative embrace and practice of multidisciplinarity, which has made him a leading scholar at the crossroads of leadership studies, organisation communication, knowledge work studies, organisation culture and identity andg ender. He is most known from being an originator of Critical Management Studies, and his work on research methodology and theory building.

Professor Alvesson has written 26 books, and more than 60 research articles in peer review journals. His most recent books are The Stupidity Paradox (with André Spicer), Reflexive Methodology (third edition, with Kaj Sköldberg), Reflexive Leadership (with Martin Blom and Stefan Sveningsson), Return to Meaning (with Yinnasi Gabriel and Roland Paulsen) and The Triumph of Emptiness.

Professor Alvesson was one of three Honorary Doctors appointed by CBS in 2018. He gave his inaugural lecture, 'The Stupidity Paradox. The power and pitfalls of functional stupidity at work', at CBS on 27 August 2018.

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