Department of Management, Society and Communication

External Lecturer

Ole Strømgren

I have worked at CBS for a number of years, primarily at DICM/MSO, teaching at BLC, ASP, HAKom and IB (the GLOBE program.)

My specialty is US area studies, with an emphasis on organizational sociology relating to information exchanges and isomorphic developments in industrial clusters. Concurrently with this, I have an interest in socio-economic developments in China and Latin America.

I have extensive experience in advising projects at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate programs related to MSC and its immediate environs, and I have been involved in developing and starting new study programs such as JAPØK/ASP and the GLOBE program at IB.

I am a language person, fairly fluent in German, French and Spanish, as well as knowledge of rudimentary Chinese

  • Master Theses
  • Bachelor Theses

Study programmes: BLC, ASP, CBP and HA(Kom)