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Ole Helmersen / Storbritannien : Storbritanniens lange vej ud.
In: Europas mange omveje: Fem nationale perspektiver på Den Europæiske Union. . ed. /Hans Branner. København : Forlaget Columbus 2019, p. 149-182
Book chapter
Ole Helmersen / Britain and the European Union
In: Britain Today: Uncertain Pathways to the Future . . ed. /Robert C. Thomsen; Sara Dybris McQuaid. København : Hans Reitzels Forlag 2017, p. 235-258
Book chapter > peer review
Ole Helmersen / "Brexit means Brexit" : Well, maybe.
In: Anglo-Files, No. 181, 9.2016, p. 88-92
Journal article
Ole Helmersen / Comrade Corbyn
In: Anglo-Files, No. 179, 2.2016, p. 85-88
Journal article
Ole Helmersen / Folkets hær
In: Anglo-Files, No. 176, 5.2015, p. 83-87
Journal article
Ole Helmersen / Udeblev det politiske opbrud i Storbritannien?
In: Anglo-Files, No. 177, 9.2015, p. 87-90
Journal article
Ole Helmersen / The Awkward Partner : The Tory Party at War with Itself Over Europe.
In: Anglo-Files, No. 169, 9.2013, p. 62-66
Journal article
Ole Helmersen / The Squeezed Middle : Hvem stemmer de på?.
In: Anglo-Files, No. 170, 11.2013, p. 51-55
Journal article
Ole Helmersen / A Question of Quality, not Choice of Languages
In: English in Denmark: Language Policy, Internationalization and University Teaching. . ed. /Peter Harder. København : Museum Tusculanum 2009, p. 136-137 (Angles on the English-Speaking World, No. 9)
Book chapter > peer review
Ole Helmersen / Governance of Climate Change : The Struggle for the Climate Change Policy Agenda.
Paper presented at The 25th EGOS Colloquium 2009, 2009
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