Department of Management, Society and Communication

Marisciel Litong
External lecturer

Marisciel Palima_CBS
  • I combine algorithms and data tools and apply them to social science survey data in order to discover meaningful segments of people and to predict their preferences as tourist to a destination, like Denmark. This work is supported by the prestigious InnovationFund Project UMAMI (
  • I collect global data on human values, like the World Values Survey and the European Social Science Survey and segment people based on their responses to questions on human values.
  • I provided research-based consultancy work on measuring and forecasting the effect of increased variability, for example in a power system with a large share of highly-variable renewable energy, as part of a project contract with SANEDI (
  • I analyzed measurement data from sensors and the calculation of relevant statistics, as part of consultancy work related to the creation of the Mexico Wind Atlas.
  • I used of agent-based modeling to explain power law distributions in socio-economic data.




Other Teaching Activities


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