Department of Management, Society and Communication

External lecturer

Margrethe Mondahl
Presentation and academic fields

Society’s need for well-educated employees for a global business community entails a demand for teaching intercultural functional competence within the educational system and the business community. My main research and teaching interests address the globally oriented classroom of the 21st century which draws on social media facilitated interaction in the acquisition of intercultural and interlingual competences and discuss the facilitation of tomorrow’s globalization ambassadors’ professional handling of intercultural and interlingual challenges. My focus is on funneling social media and foreign language didactics into successful projects that couple theoretical approaches, analytic insights and the application of findings that facilitate learning and teaching of language and intercultural competences.

Research interests

  • Language and intercultural learning and teaching
  • Intercultural and interlingual competence in the educational system
  • Educational motivation
  • Information and Communication Technology in foreign language and intercultural learning

Selected publications

  • M Mondahl, L Razmerita - Electronic Journal of E-learning, 2014 – ERIC, Social Media, Collaboration and Social Learning--A Case-Study of Foreign Language Learning. [PDF] CBS Fulltext
  • M Mondahl, J Rasmussen, L Razmerita - World Summit on Knowledge, Web 2.0 applications, collaboration and cognitive processes in case-based foreign language learning, 2009 – Springer
  • M Mondahl, L Razmerita, J Rasmussen - ECEL2009 - 8th European Conference on E-Learning, 2009, Social Software, Thinking Styles, Personalization and Case-Based Foreign Language Learning: The Quest for New Pedagogical Models in Higher Education.
  • Mondahl, Margrethe; Pals Svendsen, Lisbet. / The Use of Social Learning Platforms in Teaching Corporate Communication and English as a Foreign Language. I: Policies, Principles, Practices: New Directions in Foreign Language Education in the Era of Educational Globalization. red. / Rita Cancino; Lotte Dam; Kirsten Jæger. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. S. 246-266.
  • Pals Svendsen, Lisbet; Mondahl, Margrethe. / Tools for Teaching the "Digital Natives". I: Læring og Medier (LOM), Nr. 7/8, 2011, s. 1-23.
  • Ingstad, Lill ; Pals Svendsen, Lisbet ; Mondahl, Margrethe ; Rasmussen, Jonas . / Sociale medier som læringsredskaber, 2011, s. 4-10.
  • Mondahl, Margrethe. / Sprogkernen : Det handler om handlingskompetence. Wissenswert, 2011
  • Smedegaard Mondahl, Margrethe ; Pals Svendsen, Lisbet ; Rasmussen, Jonas. / Professional Oral Communication in English. Frederiksberg : Handelshøjskolens Forlag, 2010. 105 s.
  • M Mondahl, K Jensen - Lexical search strategies in translation in Meta: Journal des traducteurs/Meta: Translators' Journal,1996 -
Professional and/or academic experience

MA IBC courses, including 2nd semester project

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision

MA IBC master theses, internships, projects.

Other Teaching Activities

Bridge building, special seminars and colloquia.