Department of Management, Society and Communication

External lecturer

Maria Lundberg

Maria has background from studies in social anthropology and pedagogy. She holds a PhD in leadership studies from CBS.

Maria combines academic work and research, with leadership consulting. Since 2008, she has engaged in research and consulting focusing on organizations and leadership in various context, working with in leadership, strategic change management, and leadership- and innovation management. Besides her position with CBS as assistant professor (2014 -), Maria works as a senior leadership consultant with the foundation Administrativt Forskningsfond (AFF), Norway.

She has a broad professional experience in designing, deploying and supporting sustainable professional development & innovation processes for rganizations and leadership teams. Maria is also an experienced leadership coach with more than 5000 hrs of coaching.

She thrives with teaching and supervising students and their projects, aiming to be a supervisor, a facilitator and a mentor for the individual student’s academic learning process throughout their master project process. 


Leadership and communication (2020 / 2021)

  • Cand. Merc
  • Cand Soc.
  1. Leadership and communication, leadership as storytelling
  2. Leadership as brand and strategic leadership communication
  3. Leadership, culture change and strategic change management
  4. Leadership, employer branding mgmt, selection and performance appraisal
  5. Leadership, innovation management and organization culture
  6. Digital leadership, the hybrid work place and new ways of working
  7. Leadership, self-management, coaching and mentoring
  8. Leadership and organization culture management
  9. Leadership, strategic HMR og work environment – stress management and conflict management
  10. Sustainable leadership and corporate social responsibility


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