Department of Management, Society and Communication

Academic Administrative Officer, PhD
Room: DH.Ø.2.79
  • Department support and coordination (meetings, minutes, etc)
  • Website and internal communication

  From   2004  Copenhagen Business School (Academic administrative officer,
                      department and research support, teaching administration)
  1993 - 2003   University of Copenhagen (Department of English)
                      (PhD student, Assistant Professor, temp. Associate Professor)

  Education (University of Copenhagen):
  - 1998 PhD / British Imperial policy
  - 1992 BA / International Education and Development Studies
  - 1989 MA / English
  - 1982 BA / Greek Archaeology

Selected publications:
  • ‘The Power of the Past: British North America in the second half of the eighteenth century’, in Niels Bjerre-Poulsen, Helene Balslev Clausen and Jan Gustafsson (eds), Projections of Power in the Americas (Routledge Studies in the History of the Americas, 2012, pp. 113-153).
  • with Eva Rask Knudsen, Martin Leer and Bruce Clunies Ross (eds), Bodies and Voices: The Force-Field of Representation and Discourse in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies (Amsterdam - New York, Rodopi, 2008).
  • Conciliation, Compulsion, Conversion: British Attitudes towards Indigenous Peoples, 1763-1814 (Amsterdam - Atlanta, Rodopi Press, 2004).
  • ’Rethinking the Origins of Terra Nullius’, Australian Historical Studies, vol. 32, no. 117, 2001, pp. 222-240.
  • ’The Impact of Early Nineteenth Century Missionary Activity on Perceptions of Indigenous Peoples’ in Gerhard Stilz (ed), Colonies, Missions, Cultures in the English-Speaking World: General and Comparative Studies (Tübingen, Stauffenburg Verlag, 2001), pp. 75-83.
  • 'Eddie Mabo and Others v. the State of Queensland, 1992. The Significance of Court Recognition of Land Rights in Australia’, Kunapipi, vol. 14, no 1, 1992, pp. 1-12.
  • ’Australia: Indigenous Entitlement to Land Reconsidered’, IWGIA Newsletter, no 4, 1992, pp. 41-43.