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Luise Noring

As a business economist, Dr. Luise Noring is apt for specializing in urban governance and finance, including economic assessments and socioeconomic impacts of urban regeneration and development, business models and financial mechanisms for implementation of both large scale urban regeneration and smaller neighbourhood interventions. Noring’s has for several focused on identifying and making available models for self-governing and self-financing cities, including institutional vehicle and finance mechanisms for infrastructure and housing.

Noring’s has a background in supply chain management, including a Master in supply chain management and a Ph.D. in supply chain partnerships. For the past years, Noring’s focus has shifted to include research into the complexity of cities homing in on understanding how cities are governed and financed. Noring’s research is applied and gathers experience and lessons across predominantly European cities. Focus is on distilling best practices and developing methods and tools that allow for those practices to be adapted and adopted across cities. While most of Noring’s work is EU-funded, she has also been commissioned by the Brookings Institution, Siemens Cities, LSE Cities, and La Fabrique de la Cité, the philanthropic branch of Da Vince Group, amongst others. With first-hand knowledge of field research into cities, urban challenges, and solutions, Noring has developed broad experience with global cities and city stakeholders.

Noring is an Assistant Professor and Research Director heading a team of researchers and project coordinators at Copenhagen Business School. She is an expert in sustainable urbanisation, renaturing cities, and nature-based solutions. Since 2016, Noring’s company, City Facilitators, has provided specialist advice and guidance on urban growth, business development and urban finance mechanisms.

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Primary research areas
  • Urban governance and finance
  • Sustainable urbanisation
  • Renaturing cities
  • Cities and migration
  • Cities and mobility innovation
Curriculum Vitae
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  • Circular economy  - Graduate course: Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Since Nov. 2015
  • Hamburg-Copenhagen Urban Challenge - Graduate course: Urban Challenges programme: Since Aug. 2016
  • From Supply Chains to Circular Economy - Graduate course: Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Since Nov. 2016
  • Partnerships btw. businesses and NGO's - Graduate course: Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Since Oct. 2014
  • Delhi-Copenhagen Urban Challenge: Urban Planning & Air Pollution: June 2014 & 2015
  • Beijing-Copenhagen Urban Challenge: Urban Mobility Innovation June 2013 & 2015

In total, Noring has supervised ten Master Theses (2012-2017) including: “An innovative Strategic Stakeholder Analyses”, “Sustainable Socio-economic community development through the use of Sustainability Tourism”, “Urban Transport: The Case of City logistics-Copenhagen”.

Publications List
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Luise Noring / Public Asset Corporation : A New Vehicle for Urban Regeneration and Infrastructure Finance.
In: Cities, Vol. 88, 5.2019, p. 125-135
Journal article > peer review
Luise Noring; Isabel Froes; Ditte Tellgren / Contextualising Mobility Variables
In: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Sustainable Development and PlanningSouthampton : WIT Press 2018, p. 165-173 (WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, Vol. 217)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Luise Noring; Bruce J. Katz / The European Model for Regenerating Cities : Lessons from Copenhagen Hamburg Helsinki Lyon.
In: Innovation for Financing Urban Regeneration and InfrastructureRueil-Malmaison : La Fabrique de la Cité 2018
Report chapter
Bruce Katz; Luise Noring / The Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation : A Model for Regenerating Cities.
Washington DC : Brookings Institution Press 2017, 42 p.
Bruce Katz; Luise Noring; Nantke Garrelts / Cities and Refugees : The German Experience.
Washington, DC : Brookings Institution Press 2016, 29 p. (Centennial Scholar Initiative at Brookings)
Working paper
Nicolas Bauduceau; Pam Berry; Claudio Cecchi; Thomas Elmqvist; Marta Fernandez; Terry Hartig; Wilhelm Krull; Eva Mayerhofer; Sandra N; Luise Noring; Kalina Raskin-Delisle; Egbert Roozen; William Sutherland; Jürgn Tack / Towards an EU Research and Innovation Policy Agenda for Nature-based Solutions & Re-naturing Cities : Final Report of the Horizon 2020 Expert Group on 'Nature-based Solutions and Re-naturing Cities'.
Bruxelles : Publications Office of the European Union 2015, 76 p.
Report > peer review
Luise Noring Henler / Conceptualising succesfull supply chain partnerships : Viewing supply chain partnerships from an organisational culture perspective.
Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur 2007, 426 p. (PhD Series, No. 26.2007)
Ph.D. thesis
Herbert Kotzab; Luise Noring Marguerre / Supply Chain Partnerships : A Question of Intra and Inter-Organisation?.
Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for Marketing Advances 2005 , 2005
Britta Gammelgaard; Tage Skjøtt-Larsen; Henrik Sørensen; Luise Noring Marguerre / The importance of organisational structure and evolution in supply chain partnerships
In: Nofoma 20052005, p. 139-154
Article in proceedings
Herbert Kotzab; Henrik Sørensen; Luise Noring Marguerre / The influence of Organisational Structure and Culture on Supply Chain Partnerships
Paper presented at The 12th International Annual EUROMA Conference 2005, 2005
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