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Luise Noring

Dr. Luise Noring is an Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School. She has a Ph.D. in supply chain partnerships and is a former expert member of the European Commission on renaturing cities and of the OECD on land value capture. 

Dr. Noring is a recognized expert on urban governance and finance, with a particular focus on how cities deliver and finance urban regeneration, infrastructure projects, affordable housing, and sustainable economic growth. Noring specializes in codifying innovative institutional models and finance mechanisms that drive environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive cities. Her body of research has been published in respected peer-reviewed academic journals, such as Urban Studies, Urban Affairs Review, Cities, and Urban Research & Practice. 

She has authored or co-authored case studies on a broad array of pathbreaking solutions, including the Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation, the Danish Cooperative Housing Model, the Land Value Capture experiences across seven Danish cities and towns, and the Cincinnati Centre City Development Corporation. This body of applied research has been published by City Lab, the Brookings Institution, the Lincoln Institute, ICLEI, and the Nowak Metro Finance Lab at Drexel. Noring’s research reveals how cities can conduct large-scale transformative investments without relying entirely on public funds. Rather cities are encouraged to deploy underutilized public assets for land value capture, self-organize and self-finance affordable and social housing in cooperatives, and leverage municipal financing through mutually reinforcing the collective power of cities. 

Since 2016, Dr. Noring and her company, City Facilitators, has advised public, private and civic leaders on delivering City Solutions for sustainable and inclusive economic development. With the City Solutions, Noring and City Facilitators bring depth and specificity to the analysis of urban governance and finance, distilling enabling features and financial mechanisms, to enable large-scale adoption and adaptation. City Facilitators has delivered vanguard City Solutions to over 25 public, private and civic clients across more than 15 countries.

Primary research areas
  • Urban governance and finance
  • Sustainable urbanisation
  • Renaturing cities
  • Cities and migration
  • Cities and mobility innovation
Curriculum Vitae
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  • Circular economy  - Graduate course: Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Since Nov. 2015
  • Hamburg-Copenhagen Urban Challenge - Graduate course: Urban Challenges programme: Since Aug. 2016
  • From Supply Chains to Circular Economy - Graduate course: Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Since Nov. 2016
  • Partnerships btw. businesses and NGO's - Graduate course: Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Since Oct. 2014
  • Delhi-Copenhagen Urban Challenge: Urban Planning & Air Pollution: June 2014 & 2015
  • Beijing-Copenhagen Urban Challenge: Urban Mobility Innovation June 2013 & 2015

In total, Noring has supervised ten Master Theses (2012-2017) including: “An innovative Strategic Stakeholder Analyses”, “Sustainable Socio-economic community development through the use of Sustainability Tourism”, “Urban Transport: The Case of City logistics-Copenhagen”.

Publications List
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Jeremy Millard; Luise Noring; Christa Breum Amhøj / Models and Strategies for Place-based Evaluations for the Environment : From Planning and Control of Places to Growing the Pathways for New Ecosystems.
In: Performance Metrics for Sustainable Cities. ed. /Sylvie Albert; Manish Pandey. Abingdon : Routledge 2022, p. 141-166 (Advances in Urban Sustainability)
Book chapter > peer review
Luise Noring; Laura Prisca Ohler; David Struthers / City Government Capacity and Patterns in Urban Development Project Governance
In: Urban Affairs Review, Vol. 57, No. 5, 9.2021, p. 1343-1371
Journal article > peer review
Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg; Luise Noring; Adam Grydehøj / Developing Urban Growth and Urban Quality : Entrepreneurial Governance and Urban Redevelopment Projects in Copenhagen and Hamburg.
In: Urban Studies, 15.9.2020
Journal article > peer review
Luise Noring / Devolution to Cities : A Case Study of KL - Local Government Denmark.
Bonn : ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability 2020, 31 p.
Luise Noring; David Struthers; Adam Grydehøj / Governing and Financing Affordable Housing at the Intersection of the Market and the State : Denmark’s Private Non-profit Housing System.
In: Urban Research & Practice , 5.8.2020
Journal article > peer review
George Panagakos; Lovisa Uhlin; Tomi Solakivi; Thalis Zis; Harilaos N. Psaraftis; Luise Noring; Julie Jo Nygaard / Assessing Offers and Preconditions for Multimodal Freight Transport in the Scandria®2Act Partner Regions : Summary Report.
Rostock : Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2019, 16 p.
Bruce Katz; Karen L. Black; Luise Noring / Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine : A Private Led Model for Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods.
Philadelphia, PA : Drexel University Nowak Metro Finance Lab City 2019, 71 p. (Nowak Metro Finance Lab City Cases, No. 1)
Jeremy Millard; Luise Noring; Marie Nicole Sorivelle; Chiara Farinea / Nature-based Solutions for Resilient and Sustainable Cities
In: Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities. ed. /Sylvie Albert. Cambridge : Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019, p. 357-393
Book chapter > peer review
Luise Noring / Public Asset Corporation : A New Vehicle for Urban Regeneration and Infrastructure Finance.
In: Cities, Vol. 88, 5.2019, p. 125-135
Journal article > peer review
Jeremy Millard; Luise Noring; Marie Nicole Sorivelle / The Role of Civil Society in City Governance and Financing
In: Innovative Solutions for Creating Sustainable Cities. ed. /Sylvie Albert. Cambridge : Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019, p. 144-161
Book chapter > peer review
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EU HDDP EU-China 2012-2014 Expert Panellist
EU Expert Group: Nature-Based Solutions and Renaturing Cities 2014-2015 Policy and Research Expert
H2020 Expert Evaluator 2014-2018 Research Evaluator
The Brookings Institution, Washington, USA 2015-2017 Non-resident Research Fellow

HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany


Visiting Researcher

OECD - Lincoln Institute Global Compendium of Land Value Capture 2020-2021 Expert member
Own company – City Facilitators IVS January 2018 - current Besides my work at CBS I am leading my own company as CEO and consultant