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PhD fellow

Room: DH.Ø.2.52
E-mail: jla.msc@cbs.dk
Juliane Lang

My PhD research evolves around the interactions between firms, institutions and civil society in Global Value Chains. I am conducting case studies of Chilean wine and salmon, which are two sectors that are deeply integrated in Global Value Chains and are significant contributors to the country’s export-led development. The objective of the research is to learn more about the dynamics of global value chains and how sustainability can be improved in them. The project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark and is part of a larger global comparative research project about Global Value Chains in Chile and South Africa.

Before that, I have worked on agri-food and natural resources sectors, including on the role of intangible assets in agri-food value chains. I am German and have research and working experience in Chile at the German-Chilean Chamber of Commerce (CAMCHAL), in Germany at Chambers for GreenTech, an initiative to promote green technology transfer through the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad and in East India, where I did fieldwork on local rice value chains. I work mainly in English but have also worked in Spanish and German.

Primary research areas
  • Global value chains
  • Agri-food and natural resource industries
  • Development and sustainability
  • Intangible assets in global value chains
Social media
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  • Africa, Global Value Chains and Development in MSc Business and Development Studies
  • Responsible Value Chains - A Path to Sustainable Development? in MSc Business and Development Studies
  • Globalization and Sustainability in BSc Business, Language and Culture

I supervise Bachelor and Master student projects and theses within my areas of interest.

Outside activities

Currently no outside activities