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Visiting Fellow, CBS Sustainability

Dieter Zinnbauer
Presentation and academic fields

Dieter joined CBS in mid-2019 as a European Union-funded Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Fellow and he is now a Visiting Fellow there. His research project focuses on business as a political actor – what companies do, should do and might do in the future in this area in the context of big data, populism and “corporate purpose fatigue”.

Dieter’s interests are hopelessly fragmented and largely irreconcilable, adding up to 20 years of research and policy work on governance, technology, corporate citizenship, urbanization, policy foresight/innovation for universities (e.g. LSE, Harvard, Oxford, U Cape Town)  think tanks (e.g. Carnegie Council),  IGOs, (UN, UNDP, European Commission) and INGOs (Transparency International, Open Government Partnership).

Dieter holds a PhD  in development studies from LSE and a MSc in Economics from U Regensburg.
Primary research areas
  • corporate political activity
  • corporate citizenship
  • technology governance
  • transparency/accountability/integrity
  • policy foresight and innovation


Selected publications

2023 (forthcoming) “Training for Integrity and How to Make it Work”, in: Bratu, R. and Pozsgai, J. (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Anti-Corruption Research and Practice.  

2023 (with HK.Hansen) “Anti-Corruption Governance, Global Business and Corporate Sustainability”, in: A. Rasche, M. Morsing et al.(eds.) Corporate Sustainability, 2nd Edition, Cambridge: University Press.

2023 “Measuring Integrity for Better Tracking and Understanding Corruption?”, background briefing for expert workshop, International Anti-Corruption Academy, Vienna

2022 (with M. Atul et al.) “Merchants of Integrity? Corruption Research on Commodity Trading”, research report, GI-ACE / UK AID

2022 “Corporate Judicial Activity”, paper presented at European Consortium for Political Science Research, Annual Meeting, Innsbruck, working paper on Social Science Research Network

2022 “Megaleaks and the Transparency Agenda a Decade after Wikileaks”, paper presented at 7th Global Conference on Transparency Research 2022

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