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Dieter Zinnbauer

Dieter joined CBS in mid-2019 as a European Union-funded Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Fellow. His research project focuses on business as a political actor – what companies do, should do and might do in the future in this area in the context of big data, populism and “corporate purpose fatigue”.

Dieter’s interests are hopelessly fragmented and largely irreconcilable, adding up to 20 years of research and policy work on governance, technology, corporate citizenship, urbanization, policy foresight/innovation for universities (e.g. LSE, Harvard, Oxford, U Cape Town)  think tanks (e.g. Carnegie Council),  IGOs, (UN, UNDP, European Commission) and INGOs (Transparency International, Open Government Partnership).

Dieter holds a PhD  in development studies from LSE and a MSc in Economics from U Regensburg.

Primary research areas
  • corporate political activity
  • corporate citizenship
  • technology governance
  • transparency/accountability/integrity
  • policy foresight and innovation
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Dieter's fellowship is research-focussed but he contributes as guest lecturer to courses on corporate citizenship.

Selected publications

2017  “Seilschaften – Corrupt Networks”, in:  A. Ledeneva (ed.) Global Encyclopaedia of Informality, London: UCL Press.

2017  “Urban Land – A New Type of Resource Curse?”, in: A. Williams and P. Le Billon (eds.) Corruption, Natural Resources and Development: From Resource Curse to Political Ecology, Cheltenham: E. Elgar Publishing.

2015 “Crowd-Sourcing Corruption Reporting: Current State and Future Prospects”, in: Policy and Internet, vol. 7, no.1.

2013 “Business Education and Business Integrity – An Invaluable Opportunity Waiting to be Fully Harnessed”, in Transparency International Global Corruption Report 2013: Education, Routledge, London.

2013  “Fighting Corruption Where and When it Happens: Ambient Accountability”, in: D. Offenhuber and K. Schechtner (eds.): Accountability Technologies. Tools for Asking Hard Questions, De Gruyter: Boston.

Publications sorted by:
Laura Nkula-Wenz; Gilbert Siame; Dieter Zinnbauer / Activating Urban Planners for Fostering Urban Integrity : An Inroad into Curbing City Level Corruption.
In: Localizing the SDGs in African Cities. ed. /Sylvia Croese; Susan Parnell. Cham : Springer 2022, p. 153–168 (Sustainable Development Goals Series)
Book chapter > peer review
Christian Alexander; Stephen Berrisford; Laura Nkula-Wenz; Dorothy Ndhlovu; Gilbert Siame; Vanessa Watson; Dieter Zinnbauer / Challenges and Opportunities of Curbing Urban Corruption and Building Professional Integrity : Experiences of Planners in South Africa and Zambia.
In: Habitat International, Vol. 122, 4.2022
Journal article > peer review
Dieter Zinnbauer / Corporate Political Responsibility : Mobilizing the Private Sector for Political Integrity.
Stockholm : International IDEA 2022, 38 p. (Discussion Papers / International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance)
Working paper
Andrew McDevitt; Dieter Zinnbauer / Making Citizen-centred Accountability Last
London : Integrity Action 2021
Dieter Zinnbauer / Nurturing the Integrity of Political Communication in the Digital Era : An Open Government Perspective.
Washington, DC : Open Government Partnership 2021, 70 p.
Dieter Zinnbauer; Stephen Berrisford / Tackling Corruption in Urban Development and Planning : From Compliance to Integrity in Africa and Beyond.
In: Handbook on Space, Place and Law. ed. /Robyn Bartel; Jennifer Carter. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2021, p. 339–349
Book chapter > peer review
Gilbert Siame; Laura Nkula-Wenz; Dieter Zinnbauer / Methodological Considerations for Researching, Corruption and Building Urban Integrity : A Qualitative Action Experiment in Zambia.
Cape Town : African Centre for Cities 2020, 21 p. (Cities of Integrity Working Paper, No. 2)
Working paper
Dieter Zinnbauer / Unabhängiger Berichtsmechanismus (UBM) : Deutschland Design Bericht 2019–2021.
Washington, DC : Open Government Partnership 2020, 64 p.
Dieter Zinnbauer / Urbanisation, Informality, and Corruption : Designing Policies for Integrity in the City.
Bergen : Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) 2020, 48 p. (U4 Issue, No. 2020:6)
Dieter Zinnbauer / Leveraging the Role of the Urban Planning Profession for One of the Central Policy Challenges of Our Times
Cape Town : African Centre for Cities 2019, 13 p. (Cities of Integrity Working Paper, No. 1)
Working paper
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