Department of Management, Society and Communication

Daria Morgounova
External Lecturer
+45 26 82 60 39

Presentation and academic fields

I hold a PhD in cross-cultural and Arctic studies from the University of Copenhagen, and a post.doc. in Danish-Russian cultural relations. My research focuses on how language shapes and organizes communication, social identities and group belongings by applying methods of ethnography, interactional sociolinguistics and discourse analysis. My teaching experience includes cultural theory, intercultural communication, Inuit culture and society, second language acquisition and ethnic conflicts. I also work as a senior consultant at ConnectingCultures.dk, and have years of experience working with international NGOs. My last project dealt with social and ecological impacts of a massive gas extraction project in the northwest of Russia. My present research focuses on communication in health and social services in Denmark. I also supervise projects that deal with culture and business relations in Russia, Greenland and North America more generally. As a shareholder of an IT-company in Nepal, I am also interested in Danish-Nepalese business relations.

Professional and/or academic experience

Intercultural Communication (EOK)

Communicating across Cultures (IMK)

Pedagogical experience/method skills/supervision


Intercultural & cross-cultural communication

Intercultural communication in health and social sector

Cultural values dimensions

Multiculturalism, bi- and multilingualism, Global English

Language, Culture and Society + Business relations in Eastern Europe (in particular Russia, incl. informal barter economies)

Russian-Danish relations

Project regarding culture, society and industrial developments (gas and oil) in the Arctic (North America, Greenland, Canada, Siberia and the Russian Far East)

Ethnographic fieldwork (ethnography of communication), conversational analysis and discourse analysis
Interactive language learning and second language acquisition

Other Teaching Activities

Senior Consultant at Connecting Cultures

External lecturer at DPU, Aarhus University