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I am a social anthropologist with an interest in globalization and organizing processes. My interest has centred on corporations as drivers and shapers of globalization processes and emerging forms of global governance. My current research focuses on the role of think tanks in public – private networks of knowledge production and policy development, and the enhanced role of think tanks as agenda-setters and brokers of expertise in a changing global landscape. A transversal interest concerns how transparency and accountability as organizational ideals inform organizational practice, and how they are put to use as forms of governance.

As a social anthropologist with an ethnographic approach, I cultivate a curiosity for forms of sociality in organizations and in work places, with a particular attentiveness to the interplay of managerial control and individual creative agency. Along those lines, I have a longstanding interest in work life and labour market policy, implying research onto how notions such as flexibility and employability work as a normative ideals and governance tools.

Primary research areas

Corporate globalization and global governance
Think tanks and transnational expertise
Transparency and accountability
Labour market policy and employability
Ethnography in and of organizations

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PhD and master's students

Selected publications

Garsten, Christina and Anette Nyqvist, eds. 2013. Organisational Anthropology: Doing Ethnography In and Among Complex Organisations. London: Pluto Press

Garsten, Christina and Kerstin Jacobsson. 2013. Post-political regulation: Illusory consensus and hybrid forms of governance. Critical Sociology, 39(3):  421-437

Christina and Kerstin Jacobsson. 2011. Transparency and legibility in international institutions: The UN Global Compact and post-political global ethics. Social Anthropology, 19(4): 378-393

Garsten, Christina. 2008. Workplace Vagabonds: Career and Community in Changing Worlds of Work. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan

Garsten, Christina and Monica Lindh de Montoya, eds. 2008. Transparency in a New Global Order. London: Edward Elgar Publishing


Publications sorted by:
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Book chapter > peer review
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Journal article > peer review
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Book > peer review
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Book chapter > peer review
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Anthology > peer review
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Book chapter > peer review
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Journal article > peer review
Christina Garsten; Kerstin Jacobsson; Karolina Sztandar-Sztanderska / Negotiating Social Citizenship at the Street-level : Local Activation Policies and Individualization in Sweden and Poland.
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Book chapter > peer review
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