Department of Management, Society and Communication

Anne Marie
Professor emeritus


AMB researches purposeful interaction: conflict, agreement, influence and negotiation processes between people with different goals - dealing with individuals, teams and organisations across cultures

Primary research areas
  • Organizational communication
  • Strategic interaction, negotiation
  • Intercultural communication
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Morten Lindholst; Anne Marie Bülow; Ray Fells / The Practice of Preparation for Complex Negotiations
In: Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, 21.2.2020
Journal article > peer review
Anne Marie Bülow; Joyce Y. H. Lee; Niki Panteli / Distant Relations : The Affordances of Email in Interorganizational Conflict.
In: International Journal of Business Communication, Vol. 56, No. 3, 7.2019, p. 393-413
Journal article > peer review
Joyce Yi‐Hui Lee; Niki Panteli; Anne Marie Bülow; Carol Hsu / Email Adaptation for Conflict Handling : A Case Study of Cross‐border Inter‐organisational Partnership in East Asia.
In: Information Systems Journal, Vol. 28, No. 2, 3.2018, p. 318-339
Journal article > peer review
Anne Marie Bülow; David M. Boje / The Antenarrative of Negotiation : On the Embeddedness of Negotiation in Organizations.
In: Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation, Vol. 1, No. 3, 2015, p. 200-213
Journal article > peer review
Niki Pantelli; Joyce y. H. Lee; Anne Marie Bülow / Playing the 'Silence' Card : Email Affordances in International Inter-firm Interactions.
In: Proceeding CABS '14 Proceedings of the 5th ACM International Conference on Collaoration Across Boundaries: Culture, Distance & Technology. . ed. /Naomi Yamashita; Vanessa Evers; Carolyn Rosé; Mary Beth Watson-Manheim. New York : Association for Computing Machinery 2014, p. 63
Article in proceedings > peer review
Anne Marie Bülow / The Power of Example : Closure and Common Ground.
In: Group Decision and Negotiation: (GND) 2013. . ed. /Bilyana Martinovski. Kista : Department of Computer and Systems Development (DSV). Stockholm University 2013, p. 269-275
Article in proceedings > peer review
Anne Marie Bülow / Giuliana Garzone and Maurizio Gotti (eds.): Discourse, Communication and the Etreprise: Genres and Trends. Linguistic Insights, vol.134, Peter Lang, 2011, 451 sider.
In: LSP, professional communication, knowledge management and cognition, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2012, p. 72-73
Book review
Anne Marie Bülow; Rajesh Kumar / Culture and Negotiation
In: International Negotiation, Vol. 16, No. 3, 2011, p. 349-359
Journal article > peer review
Anne Marie Bülow / Global Corporate Communication and the Notion of Legitimacy
In: Journal of Intercultural Communication, No. 25, 2011
Journal article > peer review
Anne Marie Bülow / The Double Monologue Principle : Argumentation in Email Negotiation.
Frederiksberg : Institut for Interkulturel Kommunikation og Ledelse, IKL. Copenhagen Business School 2011, 15 p. (Working Paper / Intercultural Communication and Management)
Working paper
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