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Anne Høi
External lecturer

Anne Tuxen
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Cand. Scient Soc – PR from Roskilde University - have more than 25 years performed professionally within communication, branding, people and marketing, and with additional exams in Strategy, Journalistic, SoMe, digitalization, PLP and Agile Project Management as well as interest in ethics in Communications. K1 Association of Professional Communicators.

Self-employed at “Høi Kommunikation” working in the field of strategic brand and communication, creating concept to support business and communication strategies with involvement in changes and implementation e.g. by having focus on engaging, empowering and connecting organization, people, relations and environment. As Project Manager with an agile approach, I lead initiatives across large complex organizations and create exciting journeys to fulfill strategies and targets in order to make successful implementations that are useful and valuable for organization and stakeholders.

Consultant at GEA, in Communication, Marketing and Brand Fulltime with focus on internal communication to engage in the implementation the new organization structure and new dialog-based communication channels and workplaces as participating in a Strategic Global Brand refresh project.

Professional and/or academic experience

External Lecturer in Branding

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