Department of Management, Society and Communication

Anna Cabak
External lecturer


As a researcher at Lund University I have wide research interests: for the moment I do research on rock art, film and psychology. I've studied film from an intersemiotic (multimodal) perspective, in order to examine how written texts may be “translated” into film, and I’m also doing research on how film influences the viewer’s emotions and how these emotions are influenced by the context (that is the montage). I’m also doing research on narratives, currently focusing on pictorial narratives, such as for instance rock art, from semiotic, cognitive and psychological perspectives. I've also been working on a study aiming at elucidating how fashion photographs as signs trigger our emotions on deeper levels of the psyche, which may to a certain degree explain our interest in them. Recently I have taken an interest also in the way artificial intelligence (AI) influences our way of relating, not only to machines but also to humans. 

My background is in (cultural)semiotics, and the problem of intercultural communication is part of almost all research I do, and in psychology. 

Outside academia I’ve have an assignment as a board member in a non-profit organization.

  • Master Thesis
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Internship Report
  • Assignments at the Bachelor program (IBC and IMC)

Supervision areas: Qualitative studies mostly frames of communication /semiotics (social media, traditional advertising, film, fashion etcetera).

Other Teaching Activities

At Lund University I’m teaching translation theory (as part of the MA program in Cognitive Semiotics) and Product Semiotics, part of the Bachelor program in Industrial design, Faculty of engineering. I’m also supervising MA theses in European Studies.

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