What can individuals do to help limit climate change?



Follow-up on CBS Sustainability seminar
At one of the CBS Sustainability seminars held earlier this autumn, four speakers (Paul Stern and Diana Ivanova  (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Jonathan Gilligan (Vanderbilt University), and Maria Figueroa (MSC/Copenhagen Business School)) offered their insights on how individual action can help limit climate change.

As a follow-up, Videnskab.dk has now published an article highlighting some of the points made at the seminar. Individuals can in fact make a difference through personal action – from responsible private consumption to their choice of electricity supplier. They can also join forces at work and introduce climate friendly initiatives, as happened last year at MSC when a vegetarian default policy was introduced for meetings and conferences. Read the article (in Danish), Sådan kan du hjælpe klimaet derhjemme og på arbejde, at Videnskab.dk.

Read more about the August seminar here.

Read more about the MSC vegetarian default policy here (scroll down to the item).

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