Short-listed for the EGOS Best Paper Award



While we are waiting for EGOS 2019:

Annemette Kjærgaard            Mette Morsing

MSC Professor MSO Annemette Kjærgaard and Professor Mette Morsing have just been informed that the paper they presented at the 2018 EGOS Colloquium is one of three short-listed papers for EGOS BEST PAPER AWARD (out of more than 1,000 eligible papers) at the upcoming colloquium in Edinburgh.


Regardless of the final outcome, this is an excellent example of peer recognition.


The paper is:

Kjaergaard, A. & Morsing, M. (2018). Opening the Black Box: Advancing Micro-level Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility. Presented at Sub-Theme 37: Surprise in and around Organizations: Journeys to the Unexpected at the 34th EGOS Colloquium in Tallinn, Estonia, July 5-7, 2018.


For further information, please contact Annemette Kjærgaard, , or Mette Morsing,


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