New MSC research project on climate change and global value chains


Peter Lund-Thomsen

Professor MSO Peter Lund-Thomsen is the lead investigator in a new research and capacity building project, ’Climate Change and global value chains in Bangladesh’, that uses cutting-edge social science methods to investigate how the garment/textile value chains connecting Europe and Bangladesh are being reconfigured in response to climate change and COVID-19.


The project will create new academic and policy relevant knowledge by developing a conceptual framework that bridges global value chain and climate change analysis and involves the education of three PhD students from Bangladesh. Detailed fieldwork will be undertaken in Europe and Bangladesh for the project.

The four-year project (2021-25) is funded by the Development Research Council of Denmark and is undertaken in cooperation with Aalborg University, Roskilde University, BRAC University, University of Dhaka, University of Durham, the Danish Ethical Trade Initiative and Danish Fashion and Textile.


For further information about the project, please contact Peter Lund-Thomsen,


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