MSC scholar Leonie Decrinis gains her PhD degree


Leonie Decrinis

Do nudges work in organisations? Which of them are most successful in fostering employee behaviour change in support of corporate sustainability? What mechanisms underlie their effectiveness? These are key questions addressed and explored by Leonie Decrinis in her PhD thesis entitled Nudging in the Workplace: Exploring a Micro-level Approach Towards Corporate Sustainability. Leonie successfully defended her thesis on 8 April 2024.


Comprising three papers with distinct research objectives and methodologies, the thesis focuses on micro-level organisational dynamics and assesses the application of nudging as a managerial approach to encourage behaviour change in support of corporate

sustainability. The thesis delves into the drivers and mechanisms of employee decision-making, highlighting how nudges can influence workplace behaviour through adjustments in the organisational context. It suggests diverse avenues for using nudges to target cognitive and non-cognitive drivers of employee sustainable behaviour, such as awareness and reflection, accountability, habits and emotions.


Moving forward, the thesis underscores the significance of integrating nudges with traditional people management initiatives to effectively navigate the complex landscape of decision-making in the workplace.


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