International Studying Leadership Conference at MSC/CBS

ISLC We are happy to announce that MSC, in collaboration with the CBS Leadership Centre, will host the International Studying Leadership Conference from December 10-12, 2023.

MSC colleagues Nicole Ferry and Eric Guthey are co-chairing the conference together with Sverre Spoelstra from the Department of Business Humanities and Law.


We welcome proposals that address the conference theme,  "Leadership and Systems Change" as well as proposals that address other topics and themes related to leadership and leadership development. Proposals can take the form of individual research papers, workshops, and all manner of creative presentations and formats that address the dynamics of leadership and systems change in the context of an array of pressing contemporary challenges, such as climate change and environmental degradation; economic inequality; technological complexity, digitalization, and surveillance systems; race- and gender-based discrimination and violence; and the rise of extremist, populist, nationalist, and militarist movements and political systems.


The keynote speakers for the conference are:

  • Mary Uhl-Bien, the BNSF Endowed Professor of Leadership in the Department of Management and Leadership in the Neeley Business School at Texas Christian University, as well as an Honorary Doctor in the Department of Management, Society, and Communication at CBS.
  • Mollie Painter, Professor of Ethics and Organisation and leader of the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab (RSB Lab) at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University. She is also an Extraordinary Professor at the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, and co-Editor-in-Chief of Business Ethics Quarterly.

We encourage all those interested to visit the conference website for full information on the conference theme, keynote speakers, and practical logistics regarding registration, accommodation, and the process for submitting your proposal by Monday, July 31st.

You can hear more about the ISLC conference as featured on the June 21st episode of the official podcast of the ILA, Phronesis, Practical Wisdom for Leaders, with host Scott Allen.


While you’re there, check out the many other excellent episodes, including those featuring ISLC co-found Keith Grint, last year’s ISLC co-chair Dennis Tourish, this year’s co-chair Eric Guthey, keynote speakers from last year Donna Ladkin and Suze Wilson, and one of this year’s exciting keynote speakers, Mary Uhl-Bien.

We hope to see you soon in Copenhagen!


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