The future of knowing: … Transdisciplinarity?

A conference organised by the Department of Management, Society and Communication

Monday, December 17, 2018 - 09:00 to 16:00

Venue: Room DSØ.089, Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg


The future of knowing: … Transdisciplinarity?

A conference with colleagues from the Nordic countries on our concern for the present development in the quality of the scientific knowing our culture produces.


Conference Programme


Registration, Tea & Coffee outside room DSØ.089


Conference session 1

  1. Transdisciplinarity and the future of knowing: Escaping the mechanical view of the natural sciences through cybersemiotic transdisciplinarity. Søren Brier, CBS.
  1. Why paradigms in philosophy of science are commensurable. Evidence from the structure of language and the human mind, Per Durst-Andersen, CBS.
  1. Morphological computing of a cognizing agent. Info-computational view of knowing, Gordana Dodig Crnkovic, Chalmers University.




Conference session 2

  1. Big Data as “digital positivism”: A dystopian future for science, Finn Collin, Copenhagen University.
  1. Digitalization, Human Computer Interaction and Transdisciplinarity: the human being is missing in the equation. Kathrine Elizabeth Lorena Johansson , CBS


Lunch (Participants can buy lunch at ”Spisestuerne” on the ground floor of Dalgas Have or bring their own.)


Conference session 3

  1. The Phenomenological Experience, Biology and further Developments, Drude von der Fehr, Oslo University
  1. New Light on the Cloud of Unknowing, Göran Sonesson, Lund’s University




Conference session 4

  1. Peirce's Semiotics of Truth, Professor Frederik Stjernfelt, Aalborg University.
  1. Cybersemiotic Discourse Pragmatics, Ole Nedergaard Thomsen, Ankiro.


Discussion of the overall theme and a possible special issue of Cybernetics and Human Knowing as proceeding next December.


Emeritus Reception for Associate Professor Søren Brier in room no. 2V.088

Separate registration:

Each speaker has 20 min. to speak, 5 min. for discussion and 5 min. for change of speaker. Participation is free of charge and the conference is open for everyone to watch and participate in the discussions. The conference language is English.


Registration: By email to before 13 December 2018. Separate registration for the emeritus reception:


For further information, please contact Søren Brier:

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