Dennis Schoeneborn honoured by the University of Zurich

Visiting Professor, Dennis Schoeneborn, has recently been honoured with the “Credit Suisse Award 2013 for Best Teaching”.


On the 27 of April 2013, Visiting Professor at CBS, Dennis Schoeneborn, was awarded with the prestigious "Credit Suisse Award 2013 for Best Teaching"  by the University of Zurich. This award examines various aspects that make up good teaching.

The decision procedure is usually conducted in a two-step process: In the first phase, potential winners are nominated through an online poll by the students. The survey is conducted in collaboration with the University's Teaching, Learning and Communication Departments.

In the second phase, the results of the survey are evaluated by a committee consisting of the Vice-Rector of Humanities and Social sciences, three student representatives and a representative of the University's Teaching Department. The committee nominates a winner and makes the results public.

The prize is a handsome sum of ten thousand Swiss Francs which is sponserd by the Jubilee Foundation of Credit Suisse.


See the original article here (note: In German):

See an interview with Dennis (note: In German):


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